Supreme court won’t hear appeal against Arctic oil drilling

Norway’s highest court (Høyesterett) has refused to hear a direct appeal filed by environmental organizations that lost their attempt to halt oil exploration in the Barents Sea. The organizations aren’t giving up, though, and will now file their complaint according to normal procedure at the appeals court level. Greenpeace, Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth) […]

Statoil cuts back on new oil project

There was no lack of hyperbole when Statoil presented its latest development plan for the long-delayed Johan Castberg oil field off Northern Norway on Tuesday. Statoil has resorted to extreme cost-cutting to make it profitable, however, and North Cape communities hoping for economic development from the Castberg project may wind up disappointed. “This is a […]

Explosion risk shuts down ‘Goliat’ platform

Norwegian authorities have ordered another shutdown of the huge problem-plagued Goliat platform in the Barents Sea. Now they claim the electrical system on board the platform is so poorly secured that it could set off an explosion. Magazine Teknisk Ukeblad reported that the oil industry’s regulatory agency Petroleumtilsynet is dissatisfied with conditions on board Goliat. The electrical […]

Russian nuclear sub set to sail along the coast

The world’s largest nuclear submarine, Russia’s Dmitry Donskoy, is reportedly set to sail along Norway’s entire coast from north to south and then into the Baltic this summer. The planned voyage is sparking some concern, but also fascination. The Independent Barents Observer (external link) reported that the mighty vessel is expected to make the long trip from […]

Oil enthusiasm fails to dip on price fall

Oil prices have fallen recently and so has the value of Norway’s currency, the krone, but that’s not dampening enthusiasm for those who still view the oil industry as extremely important. Local officials along the coast of Northern Norway, meanwhile, are cheering the country’s new oil exploration bonanza in the Barents Sea. The government’s decision […]

‘Goliat’ platform still struggling

Norway’s pioneering offshore platform on the Goliat field in the Arctic was out of operation again last week. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that field operations were disrupted nearly four out of every 10 days last year, but the chief executive of the Italian oil company in charge claims he’s still proud of Goliat. “We had down-time […]

Norway and Russia strike new fishing deal

For the second time in recent weeks, Norway and Russia have shown they can rise above political tensions to strike agreements on some key Arctic issues. After first agreeing on how seismic vessels can cross back and forth over the two countries’ offshore border in the Barents Sea, now they’ve agreed on a new batch […]

‘People’ sue state over Arctic oil

Two environmental organizations, backed by what they called a wide range of Norwegian groups and individuals, went ahead on Tuesday with plans to sue the Norwegian government for allowing oil companies to drill for new oil in the Arctic. They argue that Norway is thus violating the terms of the Paris Agreement to cut carbon emissions, […]

Statoil wants to invest billions in the Barents

Norwegian oil company Statoil is stepping up the pressure on government officials to allow more expansion of oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. Norway’s conservative government coalition is receptive, while those worried about the environment and climate are firmly opposed. As the oil and gas debate continues to rage in Norway, Statoil announced on […]

Higher oil prices fuel Barents plans

Oil prices have now nearly doubled since the beginning of the year, and that’s refueling huge and risky interest in Norway’s offshore portions of the Arctic. While seafood producers voluntarily struck a deal this week to protect Arctic waters, oil companies are pumping up their plans for oil drilling and extraction, even as yet another expert claims they’ll be drilling much too […]