Organized protests baffle Barnevernet

After yet another wave of organized international demonstrations over the weekend against Norway’s child welfare agency Barnevernet, both agency officials and top politicians appear baffled and frustrated over how to respond. “We take the criticism seriously, but so much of it is simply not rooted in reality,” a state secretary for the conservative Progress Party told news […]

Norway defends its child welfare laws

Norway’s state child welfare agency Barnevernet has once again become a target of international protests, over its attempts to enforce national laws aimed at protecting children. Both the Norwegian agency and top politicians claim they’re listening to the new wave of protests, but are largely fending them off in what they claim are the best interests of the children involved. […]

Charges against dead teen’s mother ‘absurd’

The defense attorney for the mother of a 13-year-old girl believed to have died of starvation called the charges against his client “absurd” on Tuesday. She faces a custody hearing after being charged with gross negligence in caring for her daughter. The emaciated teenager reportedly had a history of eating disorders and also was bullied in […]

Mother charged in teenager’s death

UPDATED: A woman in her 40s has been charged with failing to care for her 13-year-old daughter after the young teenager was found dead in a cabin in the mountainous area of Valdres on New Year’s Eve. The mother had called for an ambulance, and its crew contacted police. The mother and daughter are believed […]

Alarms ring over refugee children

At least 43 unaccompanied refugee children have gone missing from various asylum centers in Norway this year alone, and 25 have died since 2006. Several of those missing were as young as nine years old, and the numbers of refugee children in Norway are now increasing dramatically. Around 4,000 refugee children are currently living in asylum centers in Norway. Alone and […]

Minister defends ‘Barnevernet’

The name of the Norwegian state agency charged with ensuring the welfare of children, Barnevernet, has become well-known far beyond Norway’s borders, for all the wrong reasons. Thorny cases of children taken away from foreign parents have made headlines from India to Lithuania but now the government minister in charge of the embattled agency is coming to […]

State issues new apology to Romani

Calling it a “dark chapter in Norway’s history,” the government issued another apology on Monday to the country’s Tater- and Romani minority over how they’ve been unjustly treated during the last century. The apology came after the head of a commission studying their treatment delivered its report to government minister Jan Tore Sanner. “The authorities’ policies towards the […]

Child abuse cases shake up minister

A recent rash of child abuse cases in Norway, several resulting in the young victim’s death, has set off criticism that child abuse isn’t being taken seriously enough. That’s shaken the new government minister in charge of family and children’s issues, and prompted her to vow improvements. “It’s extremely serious that so many children who […]

Prosecutors drop charges against child murderer

State prosecutors have officially dropped criminal charges against a 13-year-old boy who attacked his father with a knife after also murdering his three-year-old foster brother in the small community of Stord, western Norway, in October. The national prosecuting authority in Oslo, Riksadvokaten, cited the young age of the assailant and that he couldn’t be held […]

Embassy caught in custody drama

Brazil’s embassy in Oslo has landed in the middle of a conflict between the Brazilian mother of a three-year-old child and child welfare authorities in Norway (Barnevernet). The authorities want to remove the child from her care, while both she and the child’s father agree that she should be allowed to return home to Brazil […]