Constitution gets historic overhaul

The Norwegian Parliament introduced a raft of amendments to the Constitution (Grunnloven) this week in the historic document’s most comprehensive revision since it was first adopted 200 years ago. A number of proposals strengthening human rights were adopted in the run-up to the document’s bicentennial celebrations on Saturday, the country’s Constitution Day holiday on the […]

Norway set for big bicentennial party

This week marks the run-up to Norway’s bicentennial celebrations that will climax on Saturday, the 17th of May, when Norwegians will mark the 200th anniversary of their constitution. Special events are planned all week long, involving the royals, government leaders and the people themselves. Kings and queens from all the Scandinavian countries will be in […]

Norway target of ‘misguided’ hate

An artists’ project in Oslo’s Frogner Park has set off a global wave of hatred directed at Norway that the artists themselves claim is the result of a huge misunderstanding. It all involves their efforts to recreate, as part of Norway’s bicentennial celebrations this year, an exhibit at the park that was mounted as part […]

Constitution set for modernization

After much debate, the three biggest Norwegian political parties reached an agreement on Monday over how they would breath new life into the Constitution (Grunnloven) ahead of its 200th anniversary next weekend. The proposal would see a modernization of the Constitution’s language, which is currently written in an archaic version of the bokmål dialect, and another […]

Ratings soared with popular professor

Frank Aarebrot, a highly popular professor at the University of Bergen, managed to lure more than 200,000 TV viewers in Norway away from the country’s most-watched Friday night shows on state broadcaster NRK’s main channel last week. The viewers, who included a lot of well-known personalities, were keen to instead watch an unusual program in […]

‘Sins’ lurk behind bicentennial party

As Norway launches a year of festivities to mark the bicentennial of its constitution, two authors are reminding Norwegians that their constitutional history has many dark chapters as well. In a new book charting “shameful” issues and events since the constitution was approved in 1814, they maintain that Norwegians are “still sinning,” while others are […]

Bicentennial festivities begin

Norway officially kicked off the bicentennial celebrations of its Constitution (Grunnloven) on Sunday, 200 years to the day that a group of 21 men gathered in a wealthy businessman’s home in Eidsvoll, north of Oslo. The decisions made at that meeting on February 16, 1814 led to the drafting of a Norwegian Constitution that was […]