Warnings fly over aggressive seagulls

It’s that time of year again, when residents and tourists alike enjoy eating and drinking outdoors when the summer weather is good. Suddenly, however, their food can literally be snatched out of their hands or off their plates by hungry and aggressive seagulls. Norwegians call it måketerror (gull terror), and it’s long prompted kiosks and outdoor […]

Owls get nesting help in Aremark

PHOTO FEATURE: It’s high season for nesting birds in Norway, and many Norwegians are more than happy to help their feathered friends provide for the next generation. Among them is Ole Lagerholt of Aremark in Southern Norway, who has made and placed more than 50 nesting boxes in his local forests, and recently was delighted […]

Birds put Vardø back on the radar

VARDØ: Known for its radar installations, this small Norwegian town spread over an island in the country’s Arctic northeast was being thrust onto the radar itself this month when Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) started rolling the cameras of its latest “slow TV” project. Local residents think it may provide a breakthrough for tourism aimed at birdlovers, which could become a magnet like the […]

Songbirds also in the firing line

Golden eagles aren’t the only birds in Norway to land in the firing line in recent weeks. Protests are also flying over a proposal by Norwegian environmental authorities to allow hunting of the small songbirds known as måltrost and svarttrost (thrush), which have been hailed in traditional Norwegian songs themselves. “Gjøk og sisik, trost og stær, […]

Protests fly over new eagle hunt

A controversial new project to allow limited hunting of Norway’s otherwise protected golden eagles (kongeørn) has set off widespread protests. The farmer-friendly Center Party won backing for the project, because the eagles are known to have attacked grazing lamb and reindeer, while opponents suggest it can spark as much international criticism as Norway’s whaling has over the […]

Arctic birds star in slow-TV ‘cliffhanger’

A remarkable Norwegian island where tens of thousands of sea birds nest every year will be the location of the latest “slow TV” project from Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. It will be a real “cliffhanger” of sorts, from an area that birdwatchers visit from all over the world. The island is called Hornøya, and it’s located just a […]