Fox head stolen as ‘Fox’ song keeps climbing

Norway’s Film Museum in Oslo has reported a theft that resulted in the disappearance of only one item: The head of a fox puppet used in the animated Ivo Caprino film “Reve-enka” (The Fox’s Widow). Museum officials think the theft may be tied to the global popularity of the hit music video “The Fox.” Norwegian […]

Threatening ‘hoe man’ detained in Stavanger

Police in Stavanger detained an aggressive man who was threatening passersby and drivers with a large hoe on Saturday. When the police arrived at the scene, the man reportedly attacked several police cars with the hoe, which is a heavy digging tool similar to a spade. The man who is in his 30s, was neutralized […]

Family feud behind tractor attack

An apparent family feud in the rural west coast community of Etne, Hordaland County, climaxed over the weekend when a man used a tractor to attack the home of some relatives. The house looked “just terrible” by the time he was through, according to the local mayor who’s now providing the family with crisis assistance. […]

Armed police stop pre-wedding party

Police in Trondheim armed themselves on Saturday and launched a major operation, looking for a suspected robber in a grocery store. According to news bureau NTB, several witnesses had seen a masked person with a firearm entering the store. Arriving at the scene, police found a festive gathering known as an utdrikningslag, a sort of […]

Huge rat ate protein powder

A man in the southern Norwegian city of Fredrikstad managed to trap an unusually large rat in his cellar, reports local newspaper Fredriksstad Blad. The rat’s size was linked to its diet in the cellar. The trapper, Vidar Pedersen, is an active body-builder and stored protein powder in the cellar, to increase his strength. The […]