Holiday restrictions spur ‘boat bonanza’

Another sign of Norway’s fundamentally stong economy has sailed into local headlines lately: Norwegians are buying boats like never before. Sales of both new and used boats are showing huge increases, and prices are rising. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my 33 years in the boat business,” Anders Topland at Grimstad Bådsenter on […]

Sunken boat’s captain suspected of negligence

The captain of the historic vessel Johanna, which grounded and sank last weekend before being quickly raised, underwent police questioning on Friday, several days after the accident. He was then given the status of “under suspicion” and faces possible charges. “He is suspected of negligence in connection with the accident,” Ove Furseth, acting chief of […]

Sunken ship raised after grounding

The historic charter tour vessel Johanna, which grounded in the Oslo Fjord over the weekend with 156 people on board, was raised from what could have been its watery grave and is now set to be refurbished. The reason for the vessel’s grounding Saturday night has still not been determined. Passengers on board have said the […]

Passengers saved from sinking ship

Efforts were already underway Sunday to raise a chartered historic vessel that sunk during the weekend after running aground on the Nesodden peninsula off Oslo with 156 people on board. A quick and massive rescue operation got everyone off the boat before it sank. “The rescue operations went well,” Ben Wikøren of the main emergency response unit […]

Norwegian woman celebrates Formula 1 victory

Marit Strømøy of Sandefjord was one happy Norwegian this week after becoming the first woman in the world to win a Formula 1 boat race. She clinched the World Championship race off the United Arab Emirates over the weekend. All of Strømøy’s competitors were men and the race from Sharjah was won over Team Abu Dhabi […]

Life-vest law respected, but many boats uninsured

One out of every three pleasure boats in Norway is uninsured, and experts warn that can ruin a household’s economy in case of an accident. A surprisingly high number of Norwegians, however, are now using life vests while on board. A survey conducted by analysis bureau YouGov for insurance firm Codan Forsikring shows that only […]

New police boat in action

Oslo police have a powerful new means of catching criminals and speedsters at sea: A new patrol boat that can go from zero to 40 knots when they need to chase someone down. The new vessel, christened this spring, replaces an earlier patrol boat by the same name, Vekteren (The Watchman). It cost NOK 15 […]

Huge Færder regatta may change tack

Norway’s annual Færderseilasen has long ranked as one of the largest regattas in the world, and around 700 boats gathered in the inner Oslo Fjord on Friday as the first class of racers readied to set sail around noon. The number of boats taking part in what’s known as “Færder’n,” though, has declined in the […]

Labour Party loses its life vest support

With the summer boating season in full swing, Norwegians learned Thursday that they won’t be required to wear life vests on board pleasure craft after all. The Labour Party, which had proposed mandatory use of life vests, lost majority support in Parliament after one of its own former government partners threw the measure overboard. The […]

Smooth sailing after ferry strike averted

A nation-wide ferry strike was narrowly averted on Thursday after parties to labour negotiations reached a deal after talks stretched into overtime. The Federation of Norwegian Coastal Shipping (NHO Sjøfart), the Norwegian Maritime Officers Association (Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund) and the Norwegian Engineers Union (Det norske maskinistforbund) reached settlements late on Wednesday night. The naval officers reached […]