Bolivia’s president in town

Bolivian President Evo Morales has been in Oslo this week for meetings with top Norwegian officials, including King Harald. His visit was mostly aimed at talks about oil, gas and the climate, but a court case involving Norwegian defendants also came up. Morales was well aware of the drug charges against three young Norwegian women […]

Norwegians sentenced to jail in Bolivia

Two young Norwegian women who were caught with cocaine in their luggage while leaving Bolivia nearly two years ago have been sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison by a Bolivian court. An alleged accomplice was handed a 20-year jail term. Stina Brendemo Hagen, age 19, burst into tears when her sentence was […]

Defendants deny cocaine smuggling

Two Norwegian women on trial in Bolivia continue to deny they had any idea that they were carrying 22 kilos of cocaine in luggage they were taking with them from Bolivia to Norway last year. Madeleine Rodriguez, 23, and Stina Brendemo, age 19, are charged with attempting to transport drugs along with another young woman […]

Norwegians’ trial begins in Bolivia

Three young Norwegian women caught with 22 kilos of cocaine in their luggage are finally getting their day in court in Bolivia. Two of the three remain jailed in Cochabamba, but the third skipped bail and fled to Norway. Stina Brendemo Hagen, age 19, and Madeleine Rodriguez, age 23, have been held in a women’s […]

Bolivia, Morocco angry with Norway

Bolivian officials are furious after a young Norwegian woman, armed with a newly issued Norwegian passport in a new name, fled drug charges and flew home to Norway over the weekend. Morocco’s ambassador to Norway, meanwhile, was also angry this week after two members of Norwegian special forces were cleared of any charges tied to […]

Norwegian flees drug charges in Bolivia

One of three young Norwegian women, caught with 22 kilos of cocaine while leaving Bolivia two years ago, has skipped bail and made her way back to Norway, reported TV2 over the weekend. Now Norway’s Foreign Ministry seems caught in the fray once again, after reports emerged Monday that she had received a new passport from […]