Military still fighting war on harassment

Norway’s defense establishment has targeted bullying and sexual harassment within the armed forces, and mounted major efforts to shoot down both. A new study released last week, however, shows there’s still a long way to go despite success at recruiting and even showcasing more female officers. When thousands of NATO soldiers arrived in Norway for joint […]

King blasts bullying in annual address

King Harald V has spoken out against bullying on several occasions, and used his annual New Year’s Eve address to blast it once again. He called on his fellow Norwegians to turn their country into a bullying-free zone. “Think what it could mean if we just decided that in Norway, we don’t bully one another,” […]

Minister vows huge anti-bullying effort

Education Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen plans to launch what he calls the biggest anti-bullying campaign in a decade, after yet another child’s death has been linked to tormenters at school. The latest case has also climaxed with the alleged bullies being bullied themselves online. It’s called mobbing in Norwegian, and it’s an age-old problem that’s sparked numerous efforts […]

Charges against dead teen’s mother ‘absurd’

The defense attorney for the mother of a 13-year-old girl believed to have died of starvation called the charges against his client “absurd” on Tuesday. She faces a custody hearing after being charged with gross negligence in caring for her daughter. The emaciated teenager reportedly had a history of eating disorders and also was bullied in […]

Harket speaks out on bullying

Norwegian pop star Morten Harket has enjoyed decades of fame and fortune but on Friday he talked about how he was far from popular as a child. Harket publicly recalled how he was bullied, as he joined another new state effort to spare other children from what the Norwegians call “mobbing.” “I was beaten up, and I […]

Thousands marched against bullying

Several thousand parents, children and concerned citizens including the prime minister marched in a torchlight demonstration through the streets of Oslo and several other Norwegian cities Sunday evening, to protest the ongoing problem of bullying in Norwegian schools. Bullying (called mobbing in Norwegian) has been a recurrent problem for decades, with several government ministers mounting repeated […]