Police arrest drunk bus driver

The driver of a long-distance bus for the Lavprisekspressen (Low Price Express) line was arrested and charged with driving under the influence on Wednesday after several passengers called police to report his erratic behaviour. “It was a very unpleasant trip,” passenger Torunn Bjoraa told state broadcaster NRK. Bjoraa was among several passengers on the bus […]

Transit firm tries to teach manners

While the color green typically signifies “go,” new green zones on the platforms of Oslo’s main train and subway station (Jernbanetorget) most decidedly mean “wait.”  The strategically placed zones are an attempt by Ruter, the Oslo area’s public transit agency, to make commuters aware of the problem of blocking passengers getting off the trains, and maybe […]

Street parking cuts to improve city flow

Authorities in Oslo plan to ban parking on many streets or raise parking fees, in a bid to get more drivers to use parking garages instead. The City Council hopes the plan will free up the streets for trams and buses, which would no longer be held up while drivers maneuver into park places, slowly […]

Public transport officials breathe sighs of relief

The train, bus and metro systems in and around the Oslo metropolitan area underwent their biggest route changes in several decades early this week, but officials could report few if any major problems. Commuters mostly got to their destinations and were being thanked for their patience and cooperation. “Today we have to thank our customers,” […]

New fare hike ‘shamelessly’ high

New public transit fares were taking effect in Oslo on Wednesday, and already have been been dubbed as “shamelessly” high. It now costs NOK 50 for a single-ride, full-fare ticket, the equivalent of nearly nine US dollars. “This is just way too expensive,” Gunnar Larssen, leader of the Norwegian capital’s merchants’ association Oslo Handelsstands Forening, […]

Conflict over commuter chaos

Morning rush hour lasted until well into the afternoon as the scheduled halt of all trains through Oslo got off to a start yesterday morning. While initial reports from NSB were positive, the decision by state highway department (Statens vegvesen) to schedule road maintenance on major highways leading in and out of the capital without […]