Beef tariffs cut, but not prices

Norwegians’ growing hunger for prime cuts of meat has led, after much hesitation, to a cut in the tariffs slapped on imported meat to protect Norwegian farmers. The hesitation arose because local commercial meat freezers are full of lower-grade Norwegian beef, which normally would forbid any imports until it gets consumed, but even the farmers and […]

Day care centers ban brown cheese

Community-run day care centers in the fjordside city of Horten, southwest of Oslo, have decided to stop serving Norway’s ubiquitous brown goat cheese to their young charges. They contend that brown cheese, long a staple in many Norwegian homes, contains way too much sugar and fat to be a healthy food for small children. Norwegian […]

Dairy co-op to import butter

Tine, the farmers’ cooperative that controls the market for dairy products in Norway, is poised to import more butter to ward off another embarrassing butter shortage this winter. Consumers aren’t likely to get any price relief, but imported butter labelled “Sunfield” will be on grocery store shelves if needed. The “Sunfield” butter will be marketed […]

Dairy coop needs to cut costs

Tine, the state-sanctioned conglomerate that controls the dairy market in Norway, announced plans to cut costs by as much as NOK 750 million by the end of 2015 and won’t rule out layoffs. After losing public confidence when it failed to produce enough butter for the Norwegian market two years ago, Tine has also started […]

Dairy giant’s ad full of mistakes

Tine, Norway’s dominant dairy cooperative that plunged the country into its embarrassing “butter crisis” two years ago, embarrassed itself again this week. A jubilee ad that it ran in connection with the 150th anniversary of Norwegian brown cheese was so full of historical errors that many customers were questioning Tine’s credibility anew. The dairy conglomerate, […]

Farmers demand huge pay hike

Norway’s powerful farmers’ organizations handed over a demand on Friday for nearly NOK 2 billion in increased income this year, mostly in the form of higher prices for meat and more direct support in the state budget. The demand amounts to around NOK 47,000 (USD 8,000) per farmer, much higher than annual pay raises for […]

Namibia meat wards off shortage

One of Norway’s largest retail grocery store chains, NorgesGruppen, is arranging to import meat from Namibia because Norwegian cattle owners can’t supply enough beef. The Norwegian market faces a shortage estimated at around 17,000 tons this year. The looming domestic beef shortage is tied to last year’s infamous butter shortage, which prompted dairy cattle owners […]

Dominant dairy draws more flak

Several grocery store owners claim Norway’s dairy conglomerate Tine, which regulates and controls the national market, still isn’t managing to produce enough butter to meet demand. Meanwhile, Tine’s role as market regulator remains under fire, food prices have been confirmed as the highest in Europe, and now the dairy has even landed in trouble over […]

Butter supplies remain uncertain

Norway’s embattled dairy monopoly Tine is still struggling to supply enough butter to meet demand, and has asked for more reductions in the country’s protectionist import tariffs to allow more foreign butter into the market. Tine felt a need to request tariff reductions until January 1, making the third time this autumn alone that the […]

New ‘butter crisis’ looms

Officials at Norwegian dairy cooperative Tine are trying to ward off another looming “butter crisis” like the one that left grocery store shelves bare of butter last winter. They blame the new shortage on Norwegian cattle who aren’t producing enough milk. Tine, which controls 80 percent of the market for dairy products in Norway, is […]