Oslo politician wants to lower speed limit

Oslo’s controversial politician in charge of environmental and transport issues is continuing her drive to tax motorists, this time targeting their patience instead of their wallets. Lan Marie Berg of the Greens Party wants to roll back the speed limit on all city streets to just 30kph (18mph). “The lower speed limit will make the […]

New car sales shift into high gear

A total of 158,650 new cars were registered in Norway last year, making 2017 an historic year for sales. Only twice before have more cars been sold, in the boom years of 1985 and 1986. The increase amounted to 2.6 percent over 2016 and indicates the resurgence of the Norwegian economy after the oil price […]

Politicians shamed into closing garage

Unpopular politicians at Oslo’s City Hall have been removing or taxing street parking while having access to free parking themselves at City Hall’s own garage. After a rash of public protests, City Council members from the Labour, Greens and Socialist Left parties now say they intend to start imposing parking fees on themselves and may […]

20,000 free parking spots to disappear

The City of Oslo started removing more free street parking on Monday. City officials are targeting the affluent west side district of Frogner first, with thousands more spots on the chopping block next year. All registered car owners in Oslo’s Frogner district received letters from the city less than two weeks ago, informing them that […]

Threats lodged against city politician

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg of the Greens Party has received so many threats from angry city residents that the City of Oslo is reporting them to the police. News bureau NTB reported that Berg, who’s in charge of transport and environmental issues for Oslo’s Labour-Greens-Socialist Left city government, has repeatedly received letters threatening her with […]

Oslo won’t ban cars downtown after all

A cease-fire has been reached in Oslo’s version of “car wars.” Street parking continues to be replaced by bicyle lanes, but the Norwegian capital’s new Labour- and Greens-led government has parked its plans to ban cars in the downtown area, much to the relief of retailers, businesses, residents and opposition politicians. “My first reaction is that this is […]

Personalized license plates finally loom

Norway finally looks set to do what places like California introduced more than 40 years ago: Allow motorists to order personalized license plates for their vehicles. A new proposal on personalized license plates has been been sent out to hearing, nine years after the issue first came up in the former left-center government. Former government minister […]

Oslo’s parking program backfires badly

Oslo’s new Labour-led city government has already irritated residents owning cars who suddenly found themselves facing much higher street parking fees or no place to park at all. Now the city’s unpopular parking program has cost city taxpayers millions as well. It all began last winter, when new city politicians keen to reduce vehicle use extended […]

Strong sales stun the doomsayers

Cars sales are up, construction firms are busy, housing prices are higher than ever and unemployment figures are declining, even in some areas of Norway hardest hit by cutbacks in the oil and offshore industry. Despite all the doom and gloom that’s been spread by both industrial and labour leaders, the Norwegian economy seems to be surprisingly resilient […]

City slightly eases parking ban

Sheepish Oslo city officials now say they won’t ban parking on city streets featuring key bike lanes unless predicted snowfall amounts to at least five centimeters. Their recent ban on parking after a prediction of much less snow was highly unpopular. “We think ourselves that we were unlucky to the max with the amount of snow […]