Catholic diocese convicted of fraud

The Oslo City Court has found the Catholic diocese in Norway’s capital guilty of fraud, after ruling in a criminal case that it illegally inflated its membership numbers and thus received excessive amounts of public funding. The court acquitted a former church official of criminal charges, but ordered the diocese to pay a fine of NOK 2 […]

Catholics ordered to repay state funding

The Oslo Catholic Diocese has lost its case against the state and been ordered by a local court to repay around NOK 40 million (USD 4.8 million) it had received in state support. The court found that state funding sought and received by the diocese was based on fabricated membership numbers, and it was also ordered to […]

Bishop cleared, church fined

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig, leader of the Catholic Church in Oslo, won’t have to fight charges that he knowingly took part in what state prosecutors claim was massive church membership fraud. The church itself, however, has been fined and its finance director charged with allegedly inflating membership to secure more state funding. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in Oslo […]

Pope’s visit lured hundreds over the border

Catholics and Lutherans alike were keen to be in Lund and Malmø i southern Sweden on Monday to celebrate mass or just get a glimpse of a visiting Pope Francis. Both the Lutheran and Catholic bishops of Oslo claimed it was an historic day for both churches. It’s been 27 years since a pope set foot […]

Catholic Church appeals reimbursement claim

The Catholic diocese in Oslo is appealing a claim from the county administrator that it repay NOK 40 million in state and municipal financial support after allegedly inflating its membership roster. The county administrator (Fylkesmannen i Oslo go Akershus) claims the church violated regulations to obtain more support than it was due. Religious organizations in Norway […]

Catholic Church denies wrongdoing

Catholic Church officials have apologized for any misunderstandings, but maintain they have not received an undue amount of state financial support in Norway and have not broken any rules regarding church membership. State support is based on membership numbers. Police raided church offices last month and charged the church with defrauding the state of as much […]

‘Unhappy’ bishop denies fraud charges

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig, the top official of the Catholic Church in Norway, has formally denied charges that he and other leaders of the Catholic diocese in Oslo swindled the Norwegian state to the tune of NOK 50 million. He claimed the leadership and staff of the church were “extremely unhappy” over the charges and would […]

Catholic diocese raided in Oslo

UPDATED: Norwegian police raided the offices of the Catholic Church’s diocese in Oslo on Thursday, and charged the diocese, Bishop Bernt Eidsvig and the church’s finance director with serious fraud. The church leaders are suspected of wrongfully claiming as much as NOK 50 million (USD 6.6 million) in state support by presenting fraudulent membership statistics. Earlier this week, the […]

Catholic Church admits inflating membership

The Catholic Church in Norway was promising to sharpen its routines after newspaper Dagbladet revealed this week that it had inflated its membership numbers in an effort to receive more state funding. All faiths in Norway receive state support based on registered members. The church had been registering immigrants to Norway who came from Catholic […]

Priest denies assault claim, and quits

One of Norway’s most well-known Catholic priests has emerged as the alleged offender behind a sexual assault claimed by another Catholic priest. Pater Kjell Arild Pollestad denies the claim and contends he’s been the victim of enemies within the church. Now he’s leaving the priesthood. Pollestad wrote a lengthy and detailed rebuttal in newspaper Aftenposten Tuesday […]