Central bank bosses in Covid quarantine

Nicolai Tangen, the billionaire philanthropist who recently took over as head of Norway’s Oil Fund at the central bank, has tested positive for the Corona virus. Tangen’s boss, Norges Bank Governor Øystein Olsen, is also in quarantine as is the central bank’s Deputy Governor Jon Nicolaisen, raising questions about whether they’d taken home office orders […]

Cash is going out of date, and use

It’s become increasingly difficult to pay with cash in Norway, with the Corona crisis helping tax authorities to discourage its use. Now more of it is also being phased out by the central bank, which otherwise insists that cash remains legal tender and should be accepted by all merchants. Norges Bank has reminded Norwegians that […]

New Oil Fund boss rolled into new job

Nicolai Tangen rode a controversial electric scooter into his first day of work as chief of Norway’s Oil Fund on Tuesday. The formerly London-based billionaire hedge fund manager was, however, equipped with both an obligatory helmet and a traditional backpack, perhaps in an effort to fit into Norwegian work culture and avoid further controversy. That […]