Rural politicians marred fundraiser

Leaders of more than 30 small communities around Norway followed through in sabotaging the country’s annual fundraiser last weekend, when they refused to take part on behalf of their residents. They didn’t like how wildlife preservation organization WWF had been tapped to manage the money raised for this year’s good cause: ridding the seas of […]

Students raise money for youth in Congo

More than 60,000 Norwegian middle school students were out in force all over the country on Thursday, selling pastries and coffee or otherwise trying to raise money for the annual fund-raising drive called Operasjon Dagsverk. The fund-raiser, which began in 1964, calls on youngsters to work for a day to help their contemporaries elsewhere in […]

Charity drive nets ‘fantastic’ donations

Norway’s annual nationally televised charity drive, called TV-aksjonen, had collected more than NOK 239 million (USD 50 million) by midnight Sunday. This year’s beneficiary was Kirkens Bymisjon, a humanitarian organization that aids needy urban residents around the country. This annual fundraiser collected from Norwegians and for Norwegians at a time when relative poverty in Norway, especially […]

Fundraiser protest ends in triumph

While hundreds of well-wishers sent flowers to former justice minister Sylvi Listhaug, who eagerly publicized their support, more than 80,000 Norwegians sent donations to Leger Uten Grenser (Doctors Without Borders) instead. Organizers called off the counter-demonstration after Listhaug resigned Tuesday morning, and after raising nearly NOK 17 million for the medical charity. “There are so many […]

Fund-raising students hit the streets

Around 117,000 young students were registered to take part in Norway’s annual Operasjon Dagsverk (OD) on Thursday. It’s billed as a display of solidarity to raise money for various worthy causes. The teenagers work for the day by doing everything from selling pastries to performing music on the streets. Money collected this year will go to […]

Charity drive raises millions for Unicef

Norway’s annual charity drive organized by state broadcaster NRK and known as TV-aksjonen, raised NOK 218.5 million (USD 28 million) on Sunday for Unicef. The money poured in from Norway’s roughly 5 million residents and will be used to help more children in poverty-stricken and war-torn areas go to school. The fund-raising effort was boosted […]

Sveaas donates Stradivarius

Wealthy Norwegian businessman and investor Christen Sveaas is sharing his fortune yet again. Now he’s given away a violin and a cello, both made by the legendary Italian instrument maker Antonio Stradivari in the 17th and 18th centuries. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported this week that Sveaas, known for being generous, donated the violin and […]

Billionaire gives away more billions

Bergen-based billionaire Trond Mohn is at it again, giving away more billions to what he considers worthy causes. This time the proceeds come from his sale of five tankers for USD 295 million. That amounts to more than NOK 2 billion and Mohn told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) that he intends to give away most […]

TV charity drive broke all records

One person paid just over NOK 100,000 to have lunch with Finance Minister Siv Jensen, with a tour of the finance ministry afterwards. Someone else paid NOK 205,500 for a trip to the remote Arctic Island of Jan Mayen, accessible only by military aircraft. Lots of other unusual bidding and generous giving among the general […]

Man swam from Norway to Denmark

A 33-year-old man from the western Norwegian city of Haugesund has become the first person to swim over the Skagerrak from the tip of southern Norway to the tip of northern Denmark. Stian Vikra, who only started long-distance swimming six years ago, made the roughly 120-kilometer swim in 45 hours. Vikra dove into the waters off […]