Jihadists and terrorists may lose their citizenship

The Norwegian government announced over the weekend that it’s considering revoking citizenship to those who take part in terrorism, or warfare outside of Norway that’s not part of approved Norwegian military operations. The proposal is aimed at Norwegian jihadists who head off to take part in holy wars. “This is meant to send a strong […]

More foreigners denied citizenship

The number of people denied Norwegian citizenship has increased, as authorities rejected more people for lying about their identity or submitting fake papers. Almost 13,000 immigrants were granted citizenship last year, while 341 applications were knocked back. “We have a strong focus on clarifying identity, particularly in relation to citizenship,” Karl Erik Sjøholt from the […]

Hundreds denied citizenship because of poor Norwegian language skills

Nearly 350 foreigners living in Oslo and Akershus alone have been denied citizenship or permanent residence permission in Norway because they’re not good enough at speaking, reading or writing Norwegian. State broadcaster NRK reported Monday how the figures show one of the first tests of a new law approved two years ago, that requires foreigners […]