Norway backs coal mining on Svalbard

The Norwegian government has decided to go along with controversial pleas to bail out the state-owned company that runs coal mines on Svalbard. Several other major parties in Parliament also support the climate-unfriendly coal mining operations, not least following Russia’s heightened activity in the Arctic. The coal mining on Svalbard is highly contested, with the UN and […]

Huge challenge to meet climate goals

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s government faces a huge challenge as it tries to juggle the interests of the country’s large oil and gas industry and the need to cut carbon emissions blamed for climate change. As Norwegians returned to work Tuesday after a long Easter holiday, they were likely to meet new vows from politicians who claim they won’t simply […]

Svalbard waits for ‘Putin effect’

Residents of Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard are literally banking on the Norwegian government extending financial aid for their troubled coal mining operations, despite the environmental paradox that implies. Now they’re hoping that tensions between Norway and Russia will help keep Svalbard’s coal mines open, if only to keep the remote area populated. Newspaper Aftenposten reported during the weekend how people in […]

‘All talk, no action’ on emission cuts

Norwegian politicians are not doing enough to cut carbon emissions in Norway, claim a majority of Norwegian youth in a new national survey. The number of students who now believe climate change is a result of human activity has soared in recent years. The survey, conducted by research firm Opinion for the national youth council LNU, found […]

State makes way for more oil and coal

Just as Norway’s state oil company Statoil was announcing plans to become more climate-friendly, the government unveiled plans to accommodate more climate-unfriendly oil and gas projects in the Arctic. Norway’s conservative minority government coalition is also evaluating support for ongoing coal mining operations on Svalbard, to preserve jobs. The moves indicate that Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who was speaking Tuesday at […]