More trouble for French in Congo

Joshua French, the Norwegian-British man convicted of murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was in more trouble on Wednesday after being accused of trying to escape from custody. He was arrested on a street in Kinshasa after he’d secretly won permission to serve his prison term in a rented house. French was transferred to […]

Fears Joshua French will waste away

The family and lawyers of Joshua French, who was last month convicted of murdering his cell mate in a Congo prison, said the Norwegian-British man has stopped eating and they fear he will die before diplomats can get him extradited to Norway. Meanwhile, Norwegian Foreign Ministry (Utenriksdepartementet) workers claimed they had not been allowed to […]

Congo convict pins hopes on diplomacy

Joshua French has decided not to appeal his latest life sentence for murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His defense lawyer says French instead hopes that diplomacy will ultimately result in his transfer to a Norwegian prison. French was convicted of murdering his Norwegian friend and fellow convict Tjostolv Moland in the cell they […]

Guilty: Congo case verdict reached

A court in the Democratic Republic of Congo found Norwegian-British man Joshua French guilty of murdering his friend, Norwegian Tjostolv Moland, in the cell they shared in a Kinshasa jail last August. On Wednesday French was sentenced to life in prison on top of the death sentence he already faced, and his lawyer was not […]

Congo verdict postponed yet again

Norwegian murder defendant Joshua French has to wait another few days to learn whether a military court in the Democratic Republic of Congo will convict him of murdering his Norwegian business partner and cell mate Tjostolv Moland. At issue is the state of French’s health, and whether he’s well enough to face the verdict. Judge […]

Congo decision postponed again

The judge presiding over the murder trial of Norwegian man Joshua French has delayed handing down his verdict again, this time until Monday. Both French’s defense team and the prosecutor wanted the judgement to be given during Friday’s sitting, but Judge Serge Kabondo said Norwegian and Congolese doctors needed to discuss a report on French’s […]

Congo drama drags on

A court in the Democratic Republic of Congo was supposed to issue its ruling on Tuesday regarding the new murder charges against Norwegian-British defendant Joshua French, but proceedings were postponed once again. The judge referred to a letter from Norwegian authorities that claimed French has developed a stress-related illness and was in a vulnerable situation. […]

French collapses as Congo case closes

Joshua French, the Norwegian man accused of murdering his cell mate in Congo last August, broke down from exhaustion as his trial wrapped up in Kinshasa on Tuesday afternoon. His lawyer was happy with how the case played out, saying it revealed the investigation into Tjostolv Moland’s death was “incompetent” and “sloppy”. Judge Serge Kabondo […]

Norwegian faces new life sentence in Congo

Prosecutors in the Democratic Republic of Congo have asked a local court to sentence Norwegian-British murder defendant Joshua French to life in prison, claiming he killed his former Norwegian cell mate and co-defendant in another murder trial, Tjostolv Moland. “Moland didn’t commit suicide, he was murdered,” prosecutor Katende Nkulus claimed in court on Friday. Nkulus […]

Coroner, crime police front trial

Norwegian and Congolese forensic investigators and the coroners who conducted Tjostolv Moland’s autopsy testified at Joshua French’s murder trial in Congo on Tuesday. His lawyer is hopeful the evidence will see French acquitted of killing his friend in the jail cell they shared last year. Tom Luka from Norway’s police criminal investigation service Kripos was […]