Concerns rise over border control

Alleged understaffing at Norway’s border patrol stations is raising concerns over border control. Members of Parliament, police and officers at the customs agency itself (Tolletaten) are sounding alarms. “I’m very worried,” Arve Sigmundstad of the Labour Party told news bureau NTB. He claims that customs agency employees have contacted him, since he represents the Østfold district […]

ID now required at border crossings

UPDATED: Confusion reigned on Saturday as Nordic citizens, who’ve been able to cross borders within the Nordic countries relatively freely, suddenly had to carry either a passport or an international ID card when arriving in Norway on Saturday. Heightened security at border checkpoints means returning Norwegians must also be prepared to show their passport or other official […]

Norway’s borders full of holes

The Norwegian Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) slammed the customs service (Tollevesenet) in a report released on Thursday, saying drugs and money seizures were worryingly low, and the service did not spend enough time and resources on catching major players. Customs hit back on Friday, arguing way more staff were needed to meet the growing demands on […]

Customs seizes second largest khat bust

Customs officials have seized 392 kilograms of banned drug khat, the second largest bust ever in Norway. Officers stopped and searched a Swedish rental van in Nes on Tuesday night, and discovered 64 banana boxes packed with the plant. The driver, a 43-year-old Portugese man who lives in the United Kingdom was arrested, reported Norwegian […]

Easier OSL transfers meet resistance

Both police and customs officials are warning the Norwegian government against plans to introduce easier, streamlined transfers for passengers arriving at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen (OSL). They claim the plans threaten national security. International passengers traveling through OSL on their way to other Norwegian airports currently must retrieve their checked bags at OSL’s baggage […]

Smugglers caught in record seizure

Police and customs agents in southeastern Norway managed to stop 14 specially built vehicles that were loaded with smuggled alcoholic beverages and tobacco on Sunday, but think others made it over the border and sped on into the country. The authorities were holding seven persons on Monday who were arrested in the seizure, which broke […]

Customs seizes a record haul

Customs officials made a record number of seizures last year involving drugs, alcohol and cigarettes that were smuggled into Norway. Smuggling remains an enormous challenge, though, and police worry that up to 15 tons of hashish alone still gets into the country every year. Official seizures amounted to around 100 a day, with a tenth […]

Dogs detect the scent of money

In what may be a sign of Norway’s increasing affluence, Norwegian customs officials are now using dogs to sniff out cash smugglers. The dogs are specially trained to detect the scent of money, and are bringing in substantial revenues to Customs, as well as uncovering organized crime networks. Three specially trained dogs are now working […]