Hunters shoot fox after baby clawed

Norwegians’ habit of letting their babies nap outdoors in their carriages was being questioned once again this week, after a fox was found inside a carriage and had clawed a baby’s face. Hunters reported Friday that they think they found and shot the fox, while debate flew over babies being left out in the cold. […]

Commission urges free day care

A government-appointed commission is urging some major changes in how Norway helps its families with small children. The commission is urging free day care for all children, to be financed largely through abolition of the long controversial kontantstøtte payments made to those parents who opt to keep their children at home. The commission, led by Professor Anne Lise […]

Child badly injured at day care center

The parents of a three-year-old girl who was found at an Oslo day care center with a metal rod stabbed into her eye have asked police to investigate. They say their daughter was bullied at the day care center, and fear other children may have inflicted the injury. The mother of young Lea Asaad told Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Day care worker now tied to five assaults

A man in his 30s who has worked in various day care centers in the Bergen area reportedly has admitted to assaulting four other children in addition to a four-year-old boy he’s been charged with raping. Norway’s national police unit Kripos has joined the investigation into the case, while crisis teams assist shocked parents. Newspaper Bergensavisen […]

Day care centers ‘breaking the law’

Dangerous playground equipment, poor sanitation, babies waiting in a queue for diaper-changing and even the presence of rats and mildew: Oslo-based newspaper VG revealed on Monday that such conditions have been found at various day care centers around Norway. VG’s report set off an immediate uproar over the quality and control of the state-backed but […]

Babies parked out in the cold

An age-old Norwegian practice of putting babies in their carriages and parking them outdoors to take their naps, also in the middle of winter, is now under scrutiny. Immigrant parents and a doctor at the University of Oslo are questioning the ritual, which has developed over the years with no solid medical research to support […]

Day care rebellion set off a strike

Thousands of staff members at day care centers in Oslo, joined by parents, went on strike on Wednesday afternoon over cutbacks, chronic staffing shortages and increasing privatization. Local politicians are fighting what amounts to a day care rebellion, with other day care staff and parents unhappy around the country. Oslo’s city government (byrådet), with its […]

Sparks fly again over at-home day care

Norway’s controversial at-home alternative to state-subsidized day care centers, called kontantstøtte (literally, cash support), has sparked more debate after the country’s left-center government announced some major changes in the program this week. The program basically pays parents who opt to stay home to care for their children, instead of placing the children in state-funded day […]

Day care ‘not harmful’ for infants

The vast majority of Norwegian parents place their children in state-supported day care centers as soon as their maternity and paternity leave runs out, but many have worried about the effects of day care outside the home for those as young as one year. A new study suggests they have no need for a bad […]