Iranian deported from church asylum

A 56-year-old Iranian woman who had sought asylum for almost two years from the Filadelfia church in Kristiansand was deported following a police raid on Saturday. Her deportation drew strong reactions from the pentecostal congregation. “I believe the police, by going into the congregation’s premises and fetching out a person who was under church asylum, […]

UDI weighs in on deported parents

The head of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet, UDI), Frode Forfang, said the practice of deporting foreign mothers while their children remain in Norwegian foster care needs to change. His comments followed criticism from the Nigerian ambassador on Wednesday over a number of cases where families have been separated over the last two years. […]

Asylum seekers sent home

A large group of asylum seekers from the Balkan countries was deported over the weekend, after authorities determined they had no right to seek protection in Norway. The police in charge of asylum cases (Politiets utlendingsenhet, PU) rounded up 78 would-be refugees from various asylum centers in eastern Norway early Saturday morning, drove them to […]