New currency gets some rave reviews

It’s already been called “the world’s best-looking cash.” Norway’s central bank (Norges Bank) held an unusually harmonious design competition earlier this year that’s resulted in two winners who will share the front and back of a new series of colorful banknotes all denoting Norway’s long maritime heritage. The actual theme that designers were asked to communicate in their […]

Norwegian Dreamliners win design award

Norwegian Air has faced problem after problem with its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners: software and spoiler issues, brake and battery failure, and leaking fuel tanks in the planes’ wings causing delays and rescheduling headaches. While the planes may have functional problems, at least they look good, taking out one of Norway’s most prestigious design awards […]

TrippTrapp maker cashes in

The sale announced last week of Stokke AS, maker of the internationally popular TrippTrapp stool for children and adults, is likely to result in a huge cash infusion for the Norwegian families owning it. Rune Stokke and his companies alone may wind up with NOK 1.6 billion (USD 270 million). Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and […]

Fashion chain hits the right mood

Moods of Norway, with its trademark tractor logo, has chugged its way over rugged terrain to billion-kroner sales and two US superstores. The fashion house that began life in Norway’s rural Nordfjord was celebrating its 10th anniversary in style this week. Norway’s top fashion house has won over consumers both at home and abroad with its […]

Norway warms up to ‘Nordic Cool’

Norwegian commentators may roll their eyes at the expressions “Scandinavian Cool” and “Nordic Cool,” but some fairly major media events and exhibitions far beyond Norway’s borders have been showcasing what they consider “cool” Norwegian design and culture in recent weeks. Now Norwegians are also taking part in a major exhibition in Washington DC, designed to […]