Authorities halt anti-infection app

Norway’s public health institute FHI had to reluctantly ask Norwegians on Monday to deactivate its app called Smittestopp, aimed at stopping the spread of the Corona virus. Higher state authorities had ruled that with Norway’s low infection rate, the app was too invasive in Norwegians’ private lives, while it also has had mixed reviews. The […]

Digital driver’s license crashes

So many Norwegians wanted to obtain Norway’s new digital driver’s license on Tuesday that they ended up overloading and crashing the state highway department’s system for getting one. They were urged to be patient. “Demand has been very high,” Bodil Rønning Dreyer, director of the highway department (Statens vegvesen), told state broadcaster NRK. She said […]

No more birth certificates

In their ongoing rush to digitalize nearly all state and local services, Norwegian authorities are no longer sending birth certificates when babies are born. New parents will only receive a digital confirmation of the new arrival on the Altinn website that’s used for most communication between citizens and public authorities. News bureau NTB reports that […]

Technology cuts jobs at Telenor

Norway’s newly expanded conservative government is still promoting job creation and rapid digitalization of Norwegian society, but in many cases the two are distinctly at odds. Employees at state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor are the latest casualty. Telenor recently announced record-high financial results for 2017 and dividends that will amount to more than NOK 12 billion […]

Retirees rebel over their pension slips

The digital age is descending a bit too quickly for scores of Norwegian retirees. They’re mounting a rebellion after state social welfare agency NAV stopped sending out their monthly pension slips on paper through the conventional state postal system, in favour of only distributing them via email. “We’re starting a campaign because it’s unfair that […]

Foreign ministry battles cyber attack

Norway’s foreign ministry is battling a powerful computer virus that has infected its systems for months and is viewed as serious, reported newspaper Dagbladet on Wednesday. Alarms rang in late August when the virus hadn’t been contained, and Dagbladet wrote that officials still don’t have it under control. The virus is described as “completely new and advanced,” with […]

Two charged in massive Snapchat theft

Police raided various addresses in Oslo and Lillestrøm over the weekend and have arrested two men, said to be in their 20s, in connection with the theft of more than 90,000 photos and 10,000 videos from the online photo-sharing service Snapchat.  The photos, many of them private photos of young naked girls that the girls themselves had […]

Hackers ‘identified’ as sabotage-driven

Hackers who’ve been unleashing attacks on at least 50 oil- and energy companies in Norway recently are using a program called “Crouching Yeti,” which can be used to sabotage industrial systems. Those behind the program also use the name “Energetic Bear,” but no one can say for sure where they’re based. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) […]

Oil industry under attack by hackers

UPDATED: State authorities are warning as many as 300 companies in the country’s major oil and energy industries this week that they’re the targets of the largest coordinated hacker attack ever registered in Norway. Attacks have been confirmed on around 50 companies, including Statnett, and the authorities fear more are underway. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported on Wednesday that the state […]

Teen hacker believed to have planned new attack

Police think that a 17-year-old Norwegian who last week pulled off one of the most massive cyber attacks in Norway ever was planning a new attack when they arrested him in his room at home in Bergen. His computer was seized to preserve evidence and his home raided. More than a half-dozen police investigators and […]