Norway shifts to automatic gear

There’s a quiet automobile revolution going on in Norway that will likely make life a lot easier for visitors renting cars who never learned how to drive with a clutch and manually shift gears. More and more new cars are now being sold with automatic, prompting industry experts to predict that manual transmissions will disappear over the […]

10-year-old ‘dwarf’ joyrider strikes again

A 10-year-old boy was nabbed driving a stolen car in Vestoppland on Wednesday evening, a week after he was last caught joyriding with his 18-month-old sister in tow. While police wouldn’t confirm it was the same boy, his parents told newspaper VG their light-fingered, lead-footed son was up to his old tricks. The boy spotted […]

Communities mourn girls’ deaths

Investigations continued on Monday into how a car struck and killed two young girls in a horse and wagon near Bjørkelangen in Aurskog-Høland on Saturday. A vigil was held for the girls on Sunday night, and a memorial was held on Monday at the girls’ schools. Tiril Alette Huser Bølge, aged 11, and 13-year-old Sara Christiane […]

Motorists pass by fatal accident

Police in Norway have urged drivers to stop when they pass a car accident, following reports several people drove straight past a fatal head-on crash north of Stavanger on new year’s eve. One woman died and two others were seriously injured when their cars collided inside a tunnel. “It’s alarming that many just drove past […]

Driving costs shift into high gear

As the summer driving season sets in, comes news that the already-high costs of driving a car in Norway have accelerated in recent years. Higher fuel prices, higher fees and, not least, more tolls have all made car ownership and driving pricier than ever before. Newspaper Aftenposten headlined a recent summary of the costs of […]

Foreigners face new driving rules

Expatriates and immigrants moving to Norway may no longer be able to simply swap their driver’s licenses from their homelands for a Norwegian license, reports newspaper Aftenposten. Highway officials want to force drivers from some countries to go to a Norwegian driving school before they’re given a license. Men from the Middle East and Africa, […]