Strong earthquake shakes Arctic island

Norway’s Arctic island Jan Mayen was shaken by an unusually strong earthquake during the night that measured 6.8 on the Richter scale. There were no reports of injuries, but state employees stationed there had a rude awakening. “It was a bit of a shock,” Silje Wennesland told news bureau NTB. She’s among the 14 military […]

Latest disaster film shakes up geologists

Norwegians were streaming to cinemas all over the country this weekend, to see the latest film about a natural disaster on home turf in Oslo. It’s shaking up both them and local geologists, who disagree over whether there’s a real threat of a massive earthquake in a country that has never had one, but does have […]

Russia admits nuclear weaknesses

Russia’s atomic energy agency Rosatom has admitted that Russia’s nuclear power plants are seriously underprepared to deal with a natural disaster on the scale of the recent earthquake in Japan – confirming Norwegian fears over northern Russian power stations considered a threat to Norway. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that a report authored by […]

Chile relief efforts underway

Norway has long had close ties with Chile, and the devastating earthquake that hit the South American country is mobilizing relief efforts by Norwegians and Chilean immigrants in Norway as well. Several groups made up of immigrants from Chile have been holding emergency meetings to organize aid for the stricken country. One group told Norwegian […]