Tesla owners sue over lack of horsepower

More than a hundred Norwegian owners of the Tesla Model S P85D are suing the producer of the popular electric car. They’re seeking an upgrade of their cars instead of any rebate. “The car is great,” Tesla owner Frode Fleten Jacobsen told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). “It’s just that I was tricked into paying extra […]

Motor trouble strands Tesla drivers

Norway has been one of the most important new markets in the world for the trendy Tesla Model S electric cars, thanks to the country’s incentive programs and Norwegians’ wealth. Now the popular if pricey cars have been experiencing motor trouble, and many drivers aren’t nearly as pleased as they once were. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported […]

Tesla founder apologizes to customers

Elon Musk, founder of the California-based electric car company Tesla Motors, made a personal apology to his eager Norwegian customers when he visited Oslo over the weekend. They make up his company’s second-largest market, and he clearly wants them to be happy. A spate of battery-charging problems in Norway this past winter, though, led to […]

Tesla solves its Norwegian battery problem

A team of technicians from US electric car maker Tesla have now updated Tesla’s highly popular Model S so that it’s more compatible with the Norwegian electricity system. Many Tesla owners had been experiencing problems recharging their cars, and had feared winter was to blame. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported over the weekend that Michael […]

Norwegian winter parks popular Tesla electric cars

Electric cars from US-based Tesla Motors have become wildly popular in Norway, but their owners have been running into recharging problems since winter finally set in a few weeks ago. One Tesla owner found himself stranded on Christmas Eve with a dead battery, 150 kilometers from the nearest recharging station. Norwegian motorists have embraced electric […]

Electric cars now king of the roads

Norway has emerged as a world leader in the introduction of electric vehicles, and Oslo seems to have become the electric car capital of the world. Their growing numbers on the roads, however, are troubling the city’s bus drivers who say they’re slowing down public transport. The number of electric cars (elbiler in Norwegian) on the roads into […]