Norway’s oldest man dead at 109

Prime Minister Erna Solberg attended his last birthday party two month ago. On Saturday, Carl Falck, Norway’s oldest citizen, died just 10 months short of his goal of turning 110. He was born in Tønsberg, southwest of Oslo, in 1907 and most recently had been living at an elder center at Majorstuen in Oslo. That’s […]

More Norwegians want to work longer

A new poll released this week shows that steadily more Norwegians want to work longer, at least until they turn 70. Most get squeezed out of the labour market, though, by employers who prefer younger, and presumably cheaper, workers. The new poll conducted for the Norwegian center for senior policy (Senter for Seniorpolitikk) showed that fully 29 percent of employees […]

Police issue robbery warnings to elderly

Police in Oslo were once again warning elderly residents not to open their doors to unknown home helpers, after two more violent robberies of elderly residents living alone. Investigators think the robberies, both in the Groruddalen area, were related and carried out by people posing as aides sent by the city to help elderly residents with […]

100-year-olds break new record

For the first time, more than 1,000 Norwegians are more than 100 years old. The number of people celebrating and surpassing their 100th birthdays has doubled in the past decade. Experts on ageing told newspaper Aftenposten recently that people who grow so old generally have an optimistic personality and an ability to never give up, despite the […]

Elder care goes on trial in Oslo

Norway’s much-vaunted cradle-to-grave security was under legal scrutiny this week after the City of Oslo went on trial over its often-criticized elder care. At issue is whether the city was negligent and ultimately responsible for the deaths of two elderly women who police believe should have been placed in nursing homes. Jorunn Marie Bukkøy, age 83, […]

Retirees face losing their discounts

Thousands of Norwegian seniors are starting to lose their traditional discounts on everything from cinema tickets to public transportation, or at least see them threatened. The vast majority are increasingly being viewed as relatively affluent instead of needy, and service providers think other segments of the population may be more deserving of reduced prices or […]

Evictions soar in line with debt levels

Court-ordered evictions in Norway have doubled since the finance crisis hit in 2008, and never before have authorities handled so many forced sales of property. There’s also been an alarming rise in the number of elderly Norwegians who can’t pay their bills. Even though Norway’s economy remains strong in relation to other countries, new statistics […]

Nursing home discount draws mixed reaction

Norway’s incoming conservative government is promising a discount for nursing home residents who get placed in double rooms instead of getting a room of their own. The state retirees’ association isn’t impressed, fearing that it will extend delays in securing private rooms for all nursing home residents. While there’s no charge for hospital care in […]

Seniors warn against high-tech care

Norway’s next generation of elderly has set itself apart from senior citizens in other countries. A majority of those questioned in a new international survey on elder care have high expectations, are skeptical about letting high-tech solutions take precedence over human contact, and they fear social isolation most of all. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that […]

Norwegians tackled holiday loneliness

An elderly Oslo woman’s blunt appeal for someone to eat dinner with on Christmas Eve fired up a national campaign to ward off loneliness during the holidays. Reidun Synnøve Orest, age 88, now isn’t the only one who’s been invited home to persons who had been perfect strangers. Orest’s ad in Oslo newspaper Aften late […]