Top politicians win top county posts

Senior politicians in Norway don’t simply retire or fade away. They often re-emerge as county governors. That’s what’s happened with two top pols who left their elected posts last fall, one by choice, the other because he had to. Lars Sponheim, a longtime Member of Parliament and former government minister, was forced out of office when […]

Top Oslo politician steps down

Erling Lae, who has led Oslo’s municipal government longer than anyone else, announced his resignation on Wednesday. He claimed there was nothing dramatic behind his decision, rather that he just didn’t think it was right to hold the position any longer. “There’s a time for everyone and everything,” Lae said after taking the podium in […]

Holmenkollen Ski Jump project logs enormous budget overrun

The new Holmenkollen Ski Jump rising in the hills above Oslo already was set to cost taxpayers hundreds of million kroner more than originally thought. Now its price tag has swelled by at least another NOK 600 million, and the city official in charge has resigned. Opposition politicians were quick to call the massive budget […]

Harder times spur rehab boom

Oslo officials say they intend to take advantage of newly idled construction workers, and launch a barrage of rehabilitation projects in 2009. The boom in municipal spending is also aimed at fending off a rising unemployment rate. Erling Lae (pictured right), the head of Oslo’s city government (byråd), told newspaperAftenposten that the city will spend as […]