World War II treason suspects named

The names of more than 16,000 Norwegians suspected of treason during the Second World War have been published in a controversial book. While the publishers have removed some contentious names, the book has sparked debate over the ethics of naming suspects who were never actually convicted of crimes. The names were collected by the resistance […]

Profits rule over risks and ethics

NEWS ANALYSIS: Major Norwegian companies seem more than willing to take risks and downplay ethical concerns to continue doing business in troubled areas abroad. Backed by supportive and often cooperative government officials, even Norway’s royal family at times, Norwegian executives are active in hot spots from Algeria and Azerbaijan to Yemen because of the potential […]

Hydro’s profits point up a paradox

NEWS ANALYSIS: Major metals firm Norsk Hydro has reported renewed profitability but still plans to cut costs and possibly jobs on its home turf in Norway. That’s put the state, which owns 44 percent of Hydro, in another uncomfortable dilemma and once again highlights the paradox of its industrial investments. Hydro’s bosses were all smiles […]

British historian scolds Norway, again

A British author and historian has issued another report that sharply criticizes Norway’s role as a nation keen on promoting peace and being at the forefront of social welfare. The report has sparked a response from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. Mark Curtis, an honorary professor at the University of Strathclyde who specializes in investigative journalism, […]

Norway's ethical dilemma

Release of the Norwegian government’s expansive state budget proposal this week shows without a doubt that Norwegians will keep splashing around in a near embarrassment of riches. The oil and gas flowing out of the North Sea, and Norwegians’ until-now strict control of the revenue it brings, already has enabled the country to almost sail […]

Oil fund helped curb child labor

The financial muscle of Norway’s so-called “oil fund,” one of the world’s largest pension funds, has helped convince several major companies to curb their use of child labor. Instead of just selling off its holdings in firms like Monsanto, fund officials reportedly pressured them into re-examining their practices. “Norway can be proud,” Kjersti Fløgstad of […]