Seafood exports set new record

Norway’s weaker currency is good for exports, and likely helped seafood producers set a new record in July for the value of their shipments abroad. News service NTB reports that Norway exported 164,000 tons of seafood last month, worth NOK 7.8 billion (USD 876 million). Even though the size of the shipment was lower than […]

Vintage vessel gets new berth in Bodø

PHOTO FEATURE: After decades of battling the elements outdoors, Norway’s  last surviving vessel from a vital part of its maritime history has finally won a new and much more worthy berth in the northern city of Bodø. Visitors can now experience the vessel, known as a jekt, from all angles inside a brand new museum […]

Norway waits out Trump’s trade war

While the EU loads its canons for a threatened trade war with the US’ Trump Administration, Norway’s foreign minister has decided to “sit still in the boat,” as Norwegians are fond of saying. Norway has no immediate plans to strike back, but reserves the right to do so if it deems necessary. “Norway hasn’t prepared […]

Norway exports record amounts of gas

Never before has Norway exported so much gas as it did during the last 12 months ending in October. Norway’s Statoil also emerged as one of the largest exporters of gas to the EU. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that demand for gas increased in Europe by 20 billion standard cubic meters from October 2016 to October […]

Iran trade deal raises concerns

An agreement announced this week for Norwegian-financed trade between Norway and Iran has received mixed reactions. While it may help create jobs in Norway’s hard-hit oil and gas industry, human rights organizations worry it may lead to conflicts of interest. Eksportkreditt Norge and GIEK signed a Memorandum of Intention with the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran […]

Norway strikes a new deal with EU

After more than a year of negotiations in overtime, the Norwegian government has struck a new deal with the European Union (EU) to ensure Norwegian exports access to EU markets, especially fish and seafood. Officially, the deal is billed as Norway’s contribution towards boosting social and economic equality in Europe. “This is a very good agreement,” said Vidar Helgesen, the […]

Norway set to export its cured mutton

Norwegian speciality meat producers have signed their first contracts for export of the sliced cured mutton known locally as fenalår. The traditional thinly sliced meat is believed to have been around since Viking times, and will now turn up in some exclusive delicatessens and restaurants. “Norway has some unique foods, and these contracts are proof that we can win entry […]

China signals a crack in the ice

After four years of a diplomatic freeze between Norway and China, there recently have been a few signs of a possible crack in the ice. News last week that Norwegian salmon exports to China can continue came as Finance Minister Siv Jensen had a bilateral meeting with a top Chinese official in the country’s own […]

Salmon survives trade sanctions

Norwegian salmon is selling like never before, all over the world. Both prices and production have jumped, despite the loss of major markets in Russia and China, and profits are expected to rise even higher next year. “No one saw this coming,” Christian Chramer, a director of the seafood marketing association Norges Sjømatutvalg, told newspaper Dagens […]

Loopholes loom for salmon industry

The Norwegian government has promised to help the country’s huge salmon industry find new buyers for its fish, in the wake of a Russian boycott. At the same time, the industry may find ways of getting its fish to Russian buyers after all, through the proverbial back door. Some call it “the China method,” which […]