New laws aid travelers, teens, parents

Several new laws took effect from July 1, including one aimed at improving the rights of consumers while out traveling. Another prevents marriage before the age of 18, while yet another gives parents more paid leave in cases of twins, triplets or even more multiple births. The law that may affect the most people gives […]

ESA sues Norway for discrimination

European competition authorities are taking Norway to court for alleged discrimination against fathers. The ESA (EFTA Surveillance Authority) doesn’t think they get a fair share of Norway’s relatively generous paid parental leave, with mothers having more rights to the money. The issue has been simmering for years, with newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reporting paradoxical flaws […]

Record-low fertility rate raises concern

Only 56,600 children were born in Norway last year, 2,300 fewer than in 2016 and resulting in the lowest national fertility rate ever recorded. With immigration growth also down, the declines are raising new worries about the consequences for the social welfare state. The decline in the fertility rate, to 1.62 children per woman in […]

Men with children earn the most

New research indicates that the more children a man has, the more money he stands to earn in Norway. For women, the situation is the opposite. Women without children tend to earn more than those who’ve become mothers. Researcher Kjersti Misje Østbakken of Norway’s Institutt for samfunnsforskning (Institute for Social Research) told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) […]

Divorce rate drops in Norway

New figures showed the number of divorces in Norway dropped by 12 percent since 2005, and there’s less demand for separation and divorce mediation. Relationship experts said it was difficult to pin down the reasons for the drop, but said marrying older after long cohabitation, changing attitudes towards relationship counseling, a higher proportion of immigrants […]

Apologies over adoption blunder

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) admitted it had made a big mistake by sending out ambiguously-worded letters to about 10,000 children and youths. The letters read as if the recipient had actually been adopted, and the institute was bombarded by calls from upset and confused young people. The letters stemmed from a survey […]

Father’s leave still a burning issue

The debate over paternity leave in Norway continues, also after the election. Now a top finance industry official is urging an incoming Conservatives’-led government coalition to refrain from making any changes in the quota for parental leave targeted at fathers. The head of the finance industry association Finans Norge, Idar Kreutzer (who’s also the former […]

Airport expansion to aid families

Families flying out of Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen can look forward to less stressful security control from next week. A new, separate security line will open for adults traveling with children, part of the larger expansion of Oslo’s main airport over the next four years. The new priority security queue, reserved for families traveling […]