LO leader accused of ‘bullying’ moms

The new head of Norway’s largest trade union federation (LO) is being accused of “bullying” women in Norway who choose to work part-time. Gerd Kristiansen claims that mothers who work part-time are “using the mother’s role as an excuse” to stay at home, and that’s “not good for the country.” Kristiansen, who launched into working […]

Higher marks with mom at home

New research indicates that the older children of mothers who opted to stay home with their youngest children, instead of putting them in Norway’s subsidized day care centers, did better in school than their peers who attended after-school programs or came home to an empty house because both parents were working full-time. The research questions whether […]

Breastfeeding advocate retires

Norway’s internationally renowned obstetrician and breastfeeding advocate Dr Gro Nylander is retiring this week after a long career, but she’s not leaving without voicing her concerns. She fears a shift towards shorter maternity leave in Norway could lead to a drop in the number of women breastfeeding, and claims that increased paternity leave is a […]

Privileged fathers feel the squeeze

Dads in Norway have never had it so good. Armed with paternity leave benefits that rank among the best in the world, and social acceptance for taking advantage of them, Norwegian fathers are expected to play far more active roles in their children’s upbringing, but now they’re feeling the same pressure in striking a work-life […]

Drunk parents forget kids on holiday

Some Norwegian embassies in countries popular with vacationing Norwegians have been dealing with a thorny problem of late: Drunken adults who forget their children while on holiday in foreign countries. The children face traveling home alone, when their parents fail to turn up for flight departure times. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Wednesday that Norwegian embassies in […]

Paternity leave is overrated

When extended paternity leave was introduced by Norway’s Labor Party in 1993, it was argued that fathers spending six weeks at home with newborns would have a slew of socioeconomic benefits; it would help dad become an equal caregiver to mom, strengthen women’s standing in the job market and balance out wage discrepancies between the […]