Rossignol buys Dale of Norway

UPDATED: Dale of Norway has been knitting and selling Norwegian sweaters in Vestlandet since 1879. Now it’s being sold to French sporting goods maker Rossignol and acquistion fund Altor, after a major turnaround that revived the small company less than a decade ago. The seller is Hilde Midthjell, who made her first fortune in the cosmetics […]

Fashion designers ready for Oslo Runway

Models for a total of 19 Norwegian fashion designers were ready to strut their stuff at the latest Oslo Runway, opening on Wednesday at the new Sentralen venue in downtown Oslo. The event has become the new showplace for Norway’s own clothing industry. Oslo Runway aims to fill the gap left since Oslo Fashion Week ended […]

Aurland shoes still surviving in style

They inspired the American penny loafer and were meant to be practical, locally made shoes. Now the small Aurland Shoe Factory that’s still making them in the scenic fjordside Norwegian town by the same name is celebrating its 75th anniversary, in style. Aurland, located in the mountainous county of Sogn og Fjordane, could once boast fully 19 shoe factories. Today Aurland […]

Fashion chain hits the right mood

Moods of Norway, with its trademark tractor logo, has chugged its way over rugged terrain to billion-kroner sales and two US superstores. The fashion house that began life in Norway’s rural Nordfjord was celebrating its 10th anniversary in style this week. Norway’s top fashion house has won over consumers both at home and abroad with its […]

Norway warms up to ‘Nordic Cool’

Norwegian commentators may roll their eyes at the expressions “Scandinavian Cool” and “Nordic Cool,” but some fairly major media events and exhibitions far beyond Norway’s borders have been showcasing what they consider “cool” Norwegian design and culture in recent weeks. Now Norwegians are also taking part in a major exhibition in Washington DC, designed to […]

Norway still in knots over knitting

Knitting has cast off its old-fashioned image to become as hot as, well, the warm garments it creates. Wool creations now grace the catwalks, Norwegian-style knitwear is trendy around the world and knitting books topped bestseller lists this Christmas. A younger, hipper crowd is casting on, and yarn producers are clacking up the profits. Knitting […]

‘Moods of Norway’ makes money

The young men behind the rapidly expanding Norwegian clothing chain “Moods of Norway” reportedly have pocketed an estimated NOK 50 million in dividends following what the founders themselves call “a fantastic year.” Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported last week that founders Peder Børresen, age 34, and Simen Stålnacke, 36, are among those doing extremely well […]

Fur flying over Fashion Week ban

Norway’s biggest annual design showcase, Oslo Fashion Week (OFW), banned fur from its catwalk this year – an international first that has been greeted by praise within the country and criticism from the fur industry and some in the Scandinavian fashion community. The week of events, held between February 14 and 20, is featuring showings […]