Police busy putting out fireworks

Illegal use of fireworks kept Norwegian police busy all over the country during the long holiday weekend. One man even set off firecrackers inside a metro station in downtown Oslo. News bureau NTB reported that police charged a man with igniting fireworks, mostly firecrackers, inside Oslo’s Grønland T-bane station just before midnight on New Year’s […]

Lanterns a fire risk in snow-free Oslo

Emergency authorities in Oslo have urged revelers not to light and release paper lanterns into the sky on New Year’s Eve. The Oslo Fire and Rescue service warned the flaming paper lanterns pose a major risk because they can’t be controlled and don’t always go out before they land. Fireworks are banned within Oslo’s ‘Ring […]

Injuries spur call for fireworks ban

Recklessness and a rash of injuries during the New Year’s holiday have led to calls for a total ban on private fireworks in the Norwegian capital, and possibly other cities and towns as well. Police in Oslo had trouble with crowd control on the City Hall plaza New Year’s Eve, and were stunned when some […]