Investor blasts state ‘meddling’ over bid for Cermaq

High-profile investor and former top broker Anders Onarheim lashed out at state officials and, in particular, Trade Minister Trond Giske, on Monday over their involvement in the recent drama around salmon- and fish-feed producer Cermaq. The state-controlled company’s stock dove after Cermaq’s initial suitor, Marine Harvest, withdrew its bid citing a lack of interest in […]

Cermaq attracts another suitor

Norwegian fish-farming and fish-feed producer Cermaq has attracted a new bid from an investor group that looks set to heat up a takeover battle for the company, in which the Norwegian state holds 43.5 percent of the stock. Concerns over salmon farming don’t seem to be discouraging investors, with industry giant Marine Harvest already making […]

Cermaq bid subjects salmon to commercial conflicts, too

Norwegian Trade Minister Trond Giske claims he’s trying to avert a lengthy battle over ownership of salmon- and fish-feed producer Cermaq, in which the state has a 44 percent stake and ranks as Cermaq’s largest single owner by far. Giske made moves this week that will allow the state to either sell off or buy […]

Pressure grows on farmed salmon

Salmon is big business in Norway but the farmed variety has been the target of complaints and warnings for years. Just as the wild salmon fishing season gets underway this month comes a new assault on fish farming, and a defensive retort from the government minister in charge of fisheries. Newspaper VG reported on Monday […]

Norwegian waters brimming with cod

This winter’s cod haul in Norway is predicted to break all records, and the Barents Sea is brimming with the fish. The fishing industry, however, fears that without an increase in demand, cod prices may drop, and they have embarked on a global hunt for new consumers. The North East Arctic cod stock, the largest […]

Russian blasts salmon promotion

Norwegian farmed salmon has been so heavily marketed in Russia, that Russians are no longer buying their own wild fish, claims the chairman of the Russian Fishing Council, Aleksandr Saveljev. Russia is now one of the world’s biggest importers of Norwegian seafood. “What is the difference between a squirrel and a rat?” asks Saveljev in […]

New pest attacks salmon

An amoeba from Tasmania has found its way to fish farms off the southwestern coast of Norway, setting off concerns that it can cause disease and death among salmon like it already has at Irish and Scottish fish farms. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported last week that the amoeba has shown up at around five […]

Fishermen try to reel in farmers

As concerns rise that Norway is setting off a trade dispute with some of its most important trading partners, officials in the country’s large seafood industry are among the most vocal. They’re objecting loudly to higher tariffs for agricultural products, arguing that more protection for Norwegian farmers will come at the expense of Norway’s fishermen […]

Fredriksen’s busy summer

Norwegian shipping, offshore and seafood magnate John Fredriksen doesn’t seem to have been taking much time off this summer, with two of his biggest firms announcing major contracts and pushing forward with expansion plans. As usual, though, Norway’s most successful entrepreneur faces some battles with the government. Fredriksen, who hails from a working class family […]

Salmon lice grow ‘dramatically’

A report by the state food authority reveals that lice levels have increased “dramatically” over the last year, especially among salmon, trout and young trout in key fishing areas around Norway. The situation is particularly problematic along the west Norwegian coast, where a number of large fish farms are found. In parts of Hardangerfjord, salmon […]