Countries update Norway travel advice

Several countries including the US, UK, Australia and France sent out travel advice to citizens on Friday, urging them to be extra alert during their Norway visit. The advice followed Thursday’s announcement by Norwegian authorities of a heightened terror threat level in the coming days. Police have not given any specific advice for tourists, reported […]

Foreign labour threatens apprentices

Unions are concerned about the number of public contracts going to cheaper foreign workers, arguing apprentice schemes for Norwegians are being undermined. They warned a lack of focus on vocational training would lead to a skills shortage among Norwegians. “It’s like a football team which gets in foreign players, in favour of using their own […]

Fortune tax hits foreign workers

Starting this year, some foreigners who live in their home country but work in Norway will have to pay Norwegian taxes on their wealth at home. The changes come despite Finance Minister Siv Jensen’s plans to cut taxes on Norwegians’ own net worth, or eliminate them altogether. British and Dutch workers who remain based in […]

Foreign climber falls down waterfall

UPDATED: A man was airlifed to hospital in Trondheim on Thursday afternoon after he fell while ice climbing south of Støren in Sør-Trøndelag. The climber sustained head injuries and was knocked unconcious after he fell eight metres down a frozen waterfall. The two international climbers had planned to climb the falls, but when they reached […]

Olympic vote ‘discriminatory’

Residents of Oslo are due to vote over whether their city should apply to host the Winter Olympics (OL) in 2022, but officials at City Hall may be discriminating against roughly 50,000 resident foreign nationals in Oslo set to be excluded from voting. The Olympic referendum is scheduled to take place in connection with national […]

Most new residents come from elsewhere in Europe

Nearly 25,000 citizens from countries within the European Economic Area (the EU plus Iceland and Liechtenstein) registered themselves as resident in Norway during the first half of this year. Another 17,500 persons from outside the European area received residence permission as well. The numbers show how immigration is fueling Norway’s population growth, and how Norway’s […]

Foreigners boost their ranks

Nearly 334,000 persons with foreign passports were living in Norway last year, reports state statistics bureau SSB. That still only amounts to 7 percent of the population, but it’s up 10 percent from the year before, with workers from Poland still fueling the growth. Fully 66 percent of all non-Norwegian passport holders in Norway are […]