Clean-up efforts set new record

It’s official: The numbers are in from the recent national effort to clean up Norway’s beaches, and more than 90,000 people took part, including the prime minister and royalty. That set a new record for the annual event that was launched in 2011. “I found a lot of plastic from boat ropes, which can break […]

Garbage collection troubles spread

More than 100 local governments nationwide were thrown into crisis mode this week after the garbage collection company they were all using filed for bankruptcy. The “stinky situation,” as one newspaper editorialized, renewed concerns over how garbage collection has increasingly been outsourced to private players over the years. The city of Oslo fell victim last year to the financial […]

Tourist boom spurs more toilet trouble

Norway has won international acclaim for its elegant roadside rest stops and stunning vista points set up along refurbished national tourist routes. The sheer numbers of tourists this summer have, however, caught local officials and visitors themselves with their pants down. The state highway department known as Statens vegvesen, which is responsible for maintaining some of the most […]

Lofoten soiled by tourists’ garbage

Norway’s Lofoten islands, known for their spectacular scenery, are attracting so many tourists again this summer that local officials can’t keep up with all the garbage they generate. Local residents are worried, as trash piles up alongside overfilled containers and some visitors use the nature as an open-air toilet. “I think Lofoten is in the process […]

Prime minister joins clean-up crews

Prime Minister Erna Solberg spent time on Saturday clearing up trash on a beach in the Oslo Fjord. It was part of nationwide efforts throughout the Nordic countries to rid the waters of garbage after another long winter. More than 25,000 people registered to take part in the Hold Norge Rent (Keep Norway Clean) campaign […]

Oslo scraps its bad garbage deal

After tens of thousands of complaints over a lack of garbage collection, the City of Oslo has cancelled its contract with a financially struggling private firm that proved unable to do the job. Now the city will take over the firm’s workers and fleet of trucks and resume the garbage collection itself. The angry head of Oslo’s […]

Oslo’s garbage problems pile up

The City of Oslo, which contracted with a new private garbage collection agency last fall, is still facing a mound of complaints from city residents whose garbage isn’t being picked up. Now the politician in charge has fired the man responsible for selecting the new company, which may be replaced as well. Pål Sommernes said he […]