Border trade booms again during Easter

Customs officers were prepared this past week for another seasonal burst of Norwegians driving over the border to shop in Sweden. Border trade is stronger than ever, but there are traps for unwary Norwegian shoppers. A new survey compiled by the Norwegian business school NHH (Norges Handelshøyskole) in Bergen shows that fully 60 percent of […]

Food minister to probe price hike

Last month’s sharp and surprising jump in food prices, already high in Norway, has upset the government minister in charge of agriculture and food. Sylvi Listhaug, who angered farmers last spring by trying to curb their subsidy demands, wants to know why prices at the grocery stores have increased much more than predicted. Speaking at a […]

Cross-border trade rises again

Norwegians are still streaming over the border to Sweden to go shopping, even though they’re not getting much of a currency exchange advantage anymore. New figures show that cross-border trade was up 15 percent last year, compared to 2012. State statistics bureau SSB reported this week that Norwegians spent NOK 13.3 billion during day trips […]

New Orkla boss offers ‘safe hands’

A new chief executive has taken the reins at Orkla AS, one of Norway’s largest firms. The board of directors has appointed board and audit committee member Peter A Ruzicka to the role of president and CEO, replacing retiring chief executive Åge Korsvold. “We feel that our money is in safe hands,” said chairman of […]

Latest salvo fired in grocery store wars

Two of Norway’s grocery store chains announced on Friday that they were teaming up through a new joint purchasing agreement, in an effort to protect themselves from a similar and highly contested deal hatched by two of their competitors. The Rema 1000 and Coop chains deny, though, that they’re engaging in extortion. The Rema 1000 […]

Farmers lobby for more protection

Norway’s notoriously high food prices look set to rise even higher if the country’s powerful farmers get their way. They’re putting more heavy pressure on the government to further boost import tariffs, to keep cheaper competing agricultural products out of the Norwegian market. The farmers, still angry with Norway’s Labour Party-led government for failing to […]

Farmers furious over subsidy offer

Norway’s farmers are the most heavily subsidized in Europe if not the world, but they’re still not satisfied. Now their demands for hefty increases in pay and protective tariffs, to keep out imports, have been cut by two-thirds in what they call a clear provocation from the government. The farmers wanted another NOK 2.6 billion […]

Frustrations at the grocery store

EXPATRIATE MUSINGS John Shealy, a former grocer from the US now living in Mandal, sounds off on the grocery business in Norway. Shealy’s piece suggests it’s not just the high prices that can shock foreigners, but the lack of consumer-driven selection. When I read the article headlined “Government mulls grocery probe,” it opened up something in […]