Hydro emerging from hacker attack

Systems were returning to normal at Norwegian industrial concern Norsk Hydro on Thursday. The company’s website was back up and Hydro officials said the were making “further progress to secure safe and stable operations.” The large Norwegian company with tens of thousands of employees worldwide was thrown into a tailspin Tuesday after hackers infected Hydro’s […]

The search is on for Hydro hackers

An international investigation is underway to get to the root of this week’s extensive cyber attack on Norwegian industrial concern Norsk Hydro. The partially state-owned company remained mostly offline Wednesday morning, but Hydro officials claimed they were making progress in restoring “secure and stable” operations. Interpol has joined the investigation into the major attack that […]

Hackers hold Norsk Hydro for ransom

The cyber attack that brought down Norwegian industrial firm Norsk Hydro on Tuesday is believed to have been orchestrated by hackers demanding ransom money, company officials confirmed at an afternoon press conference. Hydro won’t pay, and believes it will be able to get its systems back up and running. “We have good back-up routines,” said […]

Hydro comes under major cyber attack

One of Norway’s biggest companies, Norsk Hydro, was battling the biggest cyber attack in its history Tuesday morning. National security authorities were called in to help and were in “tight dialogue” with Hydro. Hydro, a major international aluminum producer, revealed the attack itself in a message to the Oslo Stock Exchange early Tuesday. The company […]

Email threats reported to police

Norwegians all over the country were calling police on Sunday, after receiving emails from alleged hackers threatening extortion and demanding payment in bitcoins. Many of the mails look like they’re sent from the Norwegians’ own email addresses, and contain demands for money, claiming recipients allegedly have been caught visiting porn sites. “It looks like someone […]

Espionage behind health care hack

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST suspects that a “serious” hacking attack on the computer systems of the country’s largest regional health care agency was carried out on behalf of a foreign state. The January 8 attack on Helse Sør-Øst may have put the health care files for more than 2 million Norwegians at risk. “This […]

Hacker attack ‘under control’ in Norway

Norway’s national security agency (Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet, NSM) was warning all Norwegian companies and Norwegians themselves through the weekend to make sure their computers are fully updated and backed up. They were worried a virus unleashed on an estimated 150 countries on Friday could flare up again on Monday, but by midday NSM officials believed it was under control. […]

Banks set up ‘digital defense center’

Nordic banks have agreed to mount a common front against cyber attacks, in the form of what they’re calling a “digital defense center” based in Oslo. The effort will build on the Norwegian finance industry’s competence center, Finans-CERT. It was established by the banking and insurance companies’ trade association Finans Norge in 2012 to help defend the […]

Several hundred passwords leaked

The passwords and personal information of several hundred Norwegian politicians and diplomats have been leaked in connection with attacks on social media and computer cloud services. Those using Adobe, Dropbox and LinkedIn reportedly are among the victims. Just a week after news broke that hackers believed to be working for Russian intelligence had attacked the Nowegian Labour […]

Hackers hit Labour at the Parliament

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST has informed the Norwegian Labour Party that its Members of Parliament have been subjected to a hostile cyber attack. PST told Labour Party officials that the hackers have been tied to a foreign country’s intelligence operation. The country allegedly involved was not identified. News of the attack comes a day after […]