Forgery case involves Hamsun, Ibsen

Two of Norway’s most famous literary figures, Knut Hamsun and Henrik Ibsen, have been the unwitting subjects of a major forgery case that resulted in indictments this week. The National Library, literary experts and collectors claim they’re deeply shaken by the case. It involves allegedly forged memoranda and other writings attributed to authors Knut Hamsun […]

Hamsun love letters up for sale

More than 100 letters written by and between the late Norwegian author Knut Hamsun and the woman who became his wife are set to be auctioned off to the highest bidder this fall. Hamsun scholars fear they’ll disappear again, and want a law to at least secure copies for research purposes. The collection includes 110 […]

Hamsun letters reveal cold heart

Norwegian author Knut Hamsun remains a controversial figure, decades after his death. Now some old love letters he wrote to a young woman more than 100 years ago have been opened, prompting his biographer to claim that they portray Hamsun at his worst. Hamsun’s letters, written in the early 1890s to Julie Amanda “Lulli” Lous, […]

Hamsun Center due to close again

Tuesday’s royal opening of Norway’s new Hamsun Center, dedicated to controversial literary giant Knut Hamsun, has been described as both conciliatory and chaotic. It was also short-lived. The center will need to close its doors to the public again in just a few weeks, because it’s not finished and lacks an exhibit. The pending closure […]

Author Hamsun gets his due

“In a hundred years, all will be forgotten,” wrote the man who became one of Norway’s greatest yet most controversial literary figures. On Tuesday, author and former Nazi supporter Knut Hamsun would have turned 150, and a crowd of dignitaries, journalists and even the crown princess gathered to help keep at least Hamsun’s works remembered […]

'Hamsun Year' draws more critics

A controversial attempt to commemorate one of Norway’s literary giants has run into a new round of trouble, just as the climax of the publicly funded project “Hamsun 2009” draws near. Knut Hamsun was a Nobel Prize-winning author and this year marks 150 years since he was born. Hamsun was also a Nazi sympathizer, however, […]