Norway had to settle for handball silver

Norway’s wildly popular women’s national handball team lost their title as World Champions on Sunday, after losing by two points to France. The loss put a damper on holiday spirits, but their consolation prize was the silver medal after this year’s World Championships in Germany. Norway had rolled over earlier competitors, not least the Russians, but […]

Norwegians advance to World Championship finals

Norway’s popular women’s national handball team made another demonstrative show of force on Friday, beating the Netherlands’ team by a score of 32-23. Their latest victory propels the Norwegian women to the finals of the handball world championships in Germany. State broadcaster NRK reported that the Norwegian women, who trounced their Russian rivals earlier in the […]

Norway trounces Russia, at least in handball

Norwegian media outlets were having a field day on Thursday, giving prominent coverage to how Norway’s popular women’s national handball team trounced Russia’s team in World Championship action in Germany Wednesday night. The Norwegian women beat their Russian counterparts by a score of 34-17 in the quarter-finals, after what media commentators called “majestic” play. State […]

Men’s handball silver ‘good as gold’

Norway’s resurgent men’s handball team won an historic silver medal at the world championships in Paris Sunday evening, losing to the highly favoured hometown team France. After living in the shadow of the popular and highly successful women’s handball team for years, the men are now grabbing attention, too. “We looked longingly at the winners’ […]

Norway wins spot in handball finals

Fans were crying with joy from the grandstands in Paris to living rooms at home in Norway, and tears were shed among players and coaches alike: For the first time ever, Norway’s men’s handball team had made it to the semi-finals of the world championships, and then they won. As if that wasn’t enough, their victory was […]

Men’s handball team rolls into semi-finals

Norway’s national men’s handball team won an historic spot in the semi-finals of the world handball championships on Tuesday. Some commentators were calling their performance against Hungary as the best ever they’ve ever seen. “This is fantastic!” head coach Christian Berge exclaimed to state broadcaster NRK. “I’m incredibly glad on behalf of these guys, and […]

Handball men advance to quarter-finals

First they trounced Japan by a score of 38-23 and then they rolled over Macedonia during the weekend, with another victorious score of 34-24. Norway’s men’s handball team has thus won its place in the quarter-finals at the World Championships playing out in France. The biggest upset, though, came on Sunday, when Denmark’s powerhouse team lost to […]

Men’s handball team on a roll

Norway’s women’s handball team often gets more coverage, but the men are grabbing headlines this week, too, after beating Brazil in the World Championships. On Thursday evening they faced Japan before aiming for the quarter finals next week. Norway won earlier this week with a score of 39-26 over Brazil. Commentators claimed the Norwegians out-classed the […]

‘Handball girls’ win European Championship

Norway’s highly popular national women’s handball team gave their country an early Christmas present on Sunday when they won the European Championships after earlier sailing through a week of preliminaries. Pre-Christmas parties being held around the country, with the championship on TV in the background, erupted into cheers when the team, affectionately known as håndball […]

Handball back for the holidays

Norwegian handball fans can once again get their fill of traditional pre-Christmas matches, after the European Championships started this week. Norway won the first of three matches, against Romania in Helsingborg, Sweden. The Norwegians beat the Romanians, both top teams, by a score of 23-21 in a match that was not without controversy. State broadcaster NRK […]