High court rules against dockers

Norway’s highest court (Høyesterett) has rejected claims by a powerful Norwegian dock workers’ union that they have exclusive rights to load and offload vessels. The landmark case breaks an alleged monopoly long held by Norway’s transport workers’ federation (NTF) and also rules that Norway’s agreement to abide by EU rules takes precedence over a constitutional clause. The dock workers who […]

Dockworkers set to attack EU pact

Norwegian dockworkers were stung by an EU court decision this week that claims their monopoly on loading and offloading ships is illegal. They’re not giving up their ongoing battle to preserve their century-old grip on Norwegian harbours, though, and even look set to try capsizing Norway’s overall trade pact with the EU in the process. The decision handed down […]

Harbour conflict continues, with arrests

An ongoing labour conflict between the new operator of container shipping in Oslo and the dockers’ union (Transportarbeiderforbundet) hit a new climax this week when 12 harbour workers were arrested by police after they tried to disrupt ship offloading and loading. The new operator, Yilport of Turkey, refuses to sign a labour agreement with the union […]

Harbor conflict hits Hurtigruten

A lengthy conflict over work rules at Norwegian harbours resulted in the arrests of more than 40 union activists in Tromsø on Thursday, after they blocked cargo loading on one of Norway’s coastal voyage Hurtigruten ships. Union officials were upset. “We have gone into an area and mounted a legal demonstration,” Geir Ingebrigsten of the […]

Cruise calls drop as port fees rise

Norway’s summer cruise season is already well underway, but the number of cruiseships calling at Oslo will decline for the third year in a row. The cruise lines cite high fees for pilot and harbor services, along with the relatively long passage up the Oslo Fjord. News broke last week that one of the world’s […]

Dockers fail to win much support

Dockworkers in Norway who’ve been boycotting a terminal near Stavanger and launching sympathy strikes haven’t won much support in the media or among public servants. Now one top city politician in Oslo claims the labour conflict has gone too far. The dockworkers “must simply accept that they’re not living in the beginning of the last […]