Men convicted for expressing hatred

Two cases of expressing hatred have ended in convictions and even a jail term for the men involved. Norway is cracking down on the hatred generally carried out by white Norwegian men, on the grounds it’s not covered by the country’s constitutional freedom of expression. Newspaper Aftenposten reported this week that a 60-year-old Norwegian man […]

Labour long a target of hate, conspiracy

Seven years after the Norwegian Labour Party, its youth group AUF and Norway’s Labour-led government at the time were attacked by a right-wing, anti-immigration extremist, hatred against the party is believed to have intensified. One local researcher notes that Labour has a long history of being a target of both hatred and conspiracy theories, which the […]

MP for the Liberals hit by hate messages

Abid Raja, an attorney and well-known Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party (Venstre), has become a target of hate messages sent from a mobile phone used by a high-profile member of an extremist Islamic group. The unsigned messages accuse Raja of being “a dirty pig” who’s a “shame” for Pakistanis and Muslims in Norway. It was just […]

Registered hate crimes rise in Norway

A Palestinian family has fled a small town in Southern Norway after facing death threats and attempted break-ins at their home. A Norwegian man was recently convicted for spreading hateful comments on social media. A man from Kapp Verde who has lived in Norway for 31 years was a target of verbal abuse while out shopping in […]

Police charged with ‘gruesome, racist’ treatment of Roma, ‘African’ homeless

A new report issued this week by Norway’s new National Institute for Human Rights has concluded that Oslo police discriminate against Roma and migrants from African countries who are found sleeping on city streets. The police behaviour towards these groups was described as both “gruesome” and “racist,” and the report has sparked concern at the highest […]

Athletes take on Internet trolls

Norwegian skiing star Therese Johaug isn’t sure if it’s envy or a lust for some sort of revenge that prompts some people to constantly make negative, insulting and usually anonymous comments about others online. She’s now joining a national campaign to take on the so-called “trolls” and bullies of the Internet. “Even when you’re a public […]

Norway grilled over hate crimes

UPDATED: Just as three Norwegian and British men went on trial Tuesday, accused of hate crimes against two Muslim men in Oslo, Norwegian government minister Solveig Horne was being grilled by a UN committee in Geneva over the country’s failure to better combat such crimes and racism. The trial itself is a result of Norway’s […]