30,000 more offers than places

Norwegian student unions were angry after 84,810 applicants were offered spots in higher education courses this year, despite there only being 52,879 study places available. Unions said the assumption that so many students would turn down their placement offers or drop out was a disease in the system, which led to overcrowded classrooms and a […]

Crackdown on ‘bathing studies’

Education Minister Torbjørn Roe Isaksen announced on Monday he’d limit the types of courses available to Norwegian students going short-term programs abroad, to put an end to so-called “bathing studies.” Isaksen said students traveling to exotic locales to do courses like “winter sports and free-riding” and “physical activity and health” did little to improve students’ […]

Norway faces teacher shortage

One in three Norwegian primary school education students are dropping out only halfway through their training, leading to fears of a serious teacher shortage in the coming years. The need for teachers is increasing, but enrollments are down despite a targeted campaign to attract more young people into the profession. The figures were revealed in […]

Educated immigrants dumb down CVs

Many immigrants remove masters degrees and other accomplishments from their resumes in order to find work in Norway, according to workplace diversity groups. Foreigners said they are often overlooked for jobs in their field of education, but are then deemed overqualified when seeking unskilled work. Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB) research showed many educated immigrants […]

Educated immigrants earn less

Highly educated immigrants who move to Norway tend to earn less than Norwegians with the same level of learning, because they often end up in jobs not relevant to their degrees. Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB) surveyed almost 140,000 immigrants and found many earn less due to their age, language barriers, or because their qualifications […]

Keeping higher education ‘free’

GUEST COMMENTARY: The Norwegian Parliament will be considering a government proposal to start charging tuition to students who come from beyond the borders Norway shares with Europe through its economic area agreement. It’s not expected to pass, much to the relief of the students themselves, but their victory isn’t secured yet. Leah Hayward, a master’s […]