Viking ship sunk near Shetland

A replica Viking ship known as Dragens Vinge (“The Dragon’s Wing”) has sunk on its way from Norway to the Shetland Islands in Scotland, with seven people needing to be rescued by emergency services. The boat, built based on methods used in the thirteenth century, left Sandnes in south-west Norway on Monday. But reports of […]

30 Viking graves found in Setesdal

Thirty graves believed to originate from the Viking period have been discovered in the valley of Setesdal, southern Norway. The major discovery earlier this summer was made in connection with a road project in the area. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that the burial area, near the settlement of Langeid, was first found in June as part […]

Viking is ‘forefather to British royals’

A joint Norwegian-French investigation hopes to reveal that Norwegian Viking noble Ganger Hrólf was the same person as Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy – and the forefather of the British royal family. Rollo, sometimes known as Robert I, is estimated to have lived between 846 and 931 AD, and was the first ruler of […]

Dig to begin at royal Viking estate

The largest archaeological project in Norway in nearly 10 years will begin in June to recover property of the Viking king Harald Hårfagre (alternatively known as “Harald Fairhair,” “Harald Finehair” or, simply, “Harald I”). He was, at any rate, the first king of Norway. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that the work will be taking place in […]

Full-scale Viking replica to be built

Volunteers are aiming to complete and sail a full-scale replica of Norway’s famed Oseberg ship, one of the best-preserved and most celebrated Viking relics in the world, later this year. Enthusiasts working in Tønsberg, southern Norway – home port of the original Oseberg vessel – are carrying out their work in Viking dress and with […]

Views and News’ Museum Guide

Norway’s capital is packed with museums, and they’re often popping up in the news. We intend to follow that news, and focus every week this spring on a specific museum worthy of a visit. THIS WEEK: The Polar Ship Fram Museum. Next year marks 100 years since Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his team became […]

Oslo settlements date to the Stone Age

New discoveries by archaeologists indicate that some of Oslo’s history may need to be re-written. Field research on the Ekeberg Plateau, which rises above Oslo’s eastern harbour, has unearthed evidence of settlements from 8,000 BC, much older than those previously found. “This is the most exciting and complex work I’ve been involved with in my […]

Norway shipped out its poorest

Norwegian authorities in the mid-1800s were so desperate to relieve taxpayers of the country’s poorest citizens that they bought one-way tickets for them to emigrate to the US. They literally shipped out the people who were the biggest burden on the rest of the society, according to a new book on emigration. The emigration tactics […]

Vikings were terrorists of their time

One of the world’s leading experts on Scandinavian history now believes that the Vikings had motives similar to those of today’s terrorists. Robert Ferguson, who emigrated to Norway in 1984, is launching a new theory that Viking raids were a reaction to threats to their identity, culture and beliefs. Ferguson addresses the terrorist issue in […]

Fossil 'Ida' stirs even more debate

The fossil called “Ida,” said to be “the missing link” in human evolution, is attracting even more attention than when she first arrived in Oslo earlier this year. Another blast of criticism over the missing link angle comes just as the researcher behind Ida’s fame has launched a new book on the fossil, won an […]