Author apologizes, but defends book

Marte Michelet, whose latest book on Norway’s Holocaust infuriated descendants of wartime heroes, apologized during the weekend for mistakes that have been corrected in new editions. She staunchly defended, however, her exposure of how badly Jewish Norwegians were treated before, during and after the Nazi German occupation. “Even though I made some mistakes during extensive […]

‘Book bomb’ blasts Resistance history

Norway’s famed Resistance (Hjemmefronten) forces have long been viewed as the country’s heroes of World War II, as they sabotaged Nazi German occupiers and ultimately helped drive them out. A new book, however, reveals how some key Resistance fighters knew about plans to round up Norway’s small Jewish population and literally ship them off to […]

Solberg confronts ‘painful’ history

Somber ceremonies attracted hundreds of people including the prime minister and crown princess on Sunday, which marked 75 years since most of Norway’s remaining Jewish population was deported to Nazi German death camps during World War II. The goal was to make sure Norwegians never forget what Prime Minister Erna Solberg called a “painful and uncomfortable” […]

Quisling ‘knew about death camps’

Last week marked 72 years since Vidkun Quisling, whose name became synonymous with “traitor,” was executed by firing squad at the Akershus Fortress and Castle in Oslo. Quisling, appointed by occupying Nazi German forces to lead Norway’s puppet government during World War II, claimed he had no knowledge of Norway’s own Holocaust until the shots […]

Norway recognizes its Holocaust role

The gloomy, foggy weather in Oslo on Friday was perhaps a fitting backdrop as Norwegian officials and mourners prepared to gather once again on International Holocaust Day. As consciousness of Norway’s direct involvement in the Holocaust continues to rise, the location for Friday’s memorial was the same as in recent years: the waterfront just below the […]

Norway loses last Auschwitz survivor

Norwegian government officials were among those mourning the loss over the weekend of Samuel Steinmann, the last survivor of the 532 Norwegian Jews who were shipped to concentration camps aboard a German ship in 1942. A total of 772 were deported during the Nazi German occupation of Norway, and only a few came home again. “As […]