Winter is coming… just not sure when

PHOTO FEATURE: After the warmest October on record, November has offered more seasonably appropriate temperatures, at least until now. Ice was forming on lakes in the hills around Oslo over the weekend, but state meteorologists predict the weather might warm up again. The trees and trails in some areas of Nordmarka, the forest just north of […]

Skiers on thin ice

Norwegian cross country skiers were warned to stick to the tracks and stay off lakes, after several people fell through thin ice over the weekend. The long, mild start to winter has caused unusually high variation in ice thickness on the surface of lakes. Norway’s Ski Association (Skiforeningen) told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) many skiers […]

Icicles led to injury and prison

An Oslo court sent a powerful message to property owners on Thursday: Remove snow and icicles hanging off rooftops in winter, or risk going to jail. Both the owner and manager of an apartment building in Oslo’s fashionable Frogner district were sentenced to prison and fined heavily after failing to do so, and after a […]

Ice threatens shipping on the Oslo Fjord

Local authorities have had to call in a fleet of ice breakers for the first time in 15 years, in order to keep shipping lanes open along the Norwegian coast. Hardest hit are island communities around Hvaler and coastal areas as far south as Grimstad, while ferries and local shipping also have been disrupted between […]