Fossil 'Ida' stirs even more debate

The fossil called “Ida,” said to be “the missing link” in human evolution, is attracting even more attention than when she first arrived in Oslo earlier this year. Another blast of criticism over the missing link angle comes just as the researcher behind Ida’s fame has launched a new book on the fossil, won an […]

'Ida' comes 'home' to Oslo

The suddenly world-famous fossil called “Ida” attracted large crowds over the weekend when she made her debut at the Museum of Natural History in Oslo. Thousands turned out to see the fossil that’s sparked both fascination and criticism. Officials at the museum, which is linked to the University of Oslo, said they normally receive around […]

Oslo lands sensational fossil

Jubilation broke loose at Norway’s Museum of Natural History in Oslo, when it became clear that it would soon house the world’s oldest, intact skeleton. Concerns were raised immediately, though, over security measures for the 47 million-year-old fossil named “Ida.” Petter Bøckmann of the museum likened the fossil to “an original Renoir” and told Norwegian […]