Norway ready for spying of its own

The Norwegian defense department’s brand new surveillance vessel, dubbed in local media as the country’s “spy ship,” is taking over intelligence-gathering duties this year at a time of renewed tensions with Russia. Some experts on Russian relations warn the ship may provoke Russian officials, just when cooperation is needed on a wide range of issues including […]

Refugee crisis stirs debate and emotion

Just weeks after Norwegian government minister Vidar Helgesen experienced the misery of refugees landing on a Greek island first hand, a Norwegian vessel was berthing at Sardinia Monday morning with nearly a thousand more refugees and migrants who’d been rescued at sea. As the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean deepens, debate continues to fly at home over what’s […]

First Syrians win asylum in Norway

Around 300 Syrian refugees have been granted asylum in Norway, the first of the thousand refugees from the Syrian civil war that Norway initially has agreed to take in. State immigration agency UDI, meanwhile, reports a decline in the number of other asylum seekers arriving in Norway. All of the Syrian refugees winning asylum are […]

Palace revokes medal to Linstad

Norway’s Royal Palace announced Thursday afternoon that it was revoking the king’s service medal that it had awarded to Trond Ali Linstad, a converted Norwegian Muslim who has helped further integration of immigrants in Oslo but also is widely viewed as being anti-Semitic. The palace said that Linstad’s own stated views could not be reconciled […]

Economic refugees face tough market

Economic refugees from crisis-ridden countries in southern Europe continue to stream into Norway, but they face a hard time finding work despite Norway’s strong economy and low unemployment rate. New statistics have unveiled the fields where foreign workers are least needed. Labour Minister Hanne Bjurstrøm has already warned unemployed Europeans from countries like Spain and […]