Defense faces new wave of demands

Norway will be maintaining its troops in Iraq, just as it faces allies’ requests for more troops in Mali and patrol vessels in the Persian Gulf. The latter has been turned down so far, as the defense department also faces myriad demands at home and prepares for new leadership. The requests and demands come amidst […]

Brende condemns terror attack in Baghdad

Foreign Minister Børge Brende has condemned the terrorist attack in Baghdad over the weekend in the strongest of terms. It has been deemed the worst single attack in Iraq since 2007. As the death toll rose on Monday, to more than 200 killed including entire families that were wiped out, Brende didn’t mince words in his […]

Norway’s foreign ministry charted IS hostage-takers’ ‘disgusting’ methods

Members of the terrorist organization IS not only called Norway’s foreign ministry but also sent more than a dozen emails over the past eight months, accompanied by steadily more gruesome photos of how they were abusing a Norwegian hostage. The terrorists resorted to what Norwegian officials called “disgusting and barbarian” methods, as they unsuccessfully tried to pressure the government into sending them […]

‘Food for Syria’ fed refugee relief

PHOTO FEATURE: Thousands of Norwegians, along with several top politicians, spent Sunday afternoon in Oslo attending an outdoor Syrian food fair. It was aimed at bringing local residents together with newly arrived Syrian refugees — and raising funds to assist them at the same time. The event was called Mat for Syria (Food for Syria) but it […]

‘Swap hostage for Krekar’

A social media campaign has been active in recent days, urging the leadership of the Islamic extremist group IS to turn over its Norwegian hostage Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad in return for the Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar, who’s currently in prison in Norway for making threats. Krekar, who’s also been deemed a threat to national security, […]

Hostage was warned against Syria trip

The 48-year-old Norwegian man now being held for ransom in Syria was warned against making his dangerous, and perhaps fatal, trip into Syria. He’s still believed to be alive, but no ransom is likely to be paid. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has flatly refused to pay any ransom to the “cynical terrorists” holding Ole Johan […]

Solberg: ‘Norway won’t pay ransom’

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg broke off a long day of campaigning for the upcoming elections and cancelled a highly promoted TV debate Wednesday night, to quickly change into formal attire and deliver a serious message: “Norway won’t pay ransom … to cynical terrorists” who, she confirmed, have been holding a Norwegian citizen hostage since […]

Foreign and defense ministers traveled to Iraq

Norway’s incessantly globe-trotting foreign minister, Børge Brende, turned up in Iraq on Monday along with Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide, where they met with Kurdish and Norwegian military leaders in the northern city of Erbil. The ministry reportedly received good feedback regarding Norway’s contribution to military training efforts. Special forces from the Norwegian military are stationed in […]

Norway keen to expand fight against IS

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende was hailing a meeting of more than 60 nations in Brussels on Wednesday as a clear boost for the battle against the Islamic extremist group IS in Iraq and Syria. Norway is already part of a US-led coalition fighting IS. “This sends a strong signal, and is the beginning of an expansion (of […]

Norway troops to Iraq, Afghanistan

UPDATED: Norway’s government has confirmed plans to send a total of 195 military personnel to Iraq and Afghanistan as a contribution to the US-led international efforts to combat terrorism. The decision announced Thursday was critizised by some left-wing politicians, but the opposition Labour party said it supported the move. According to Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide, 60 […]