Liv Ullmann hailed home in Norway

Norway’s international star of screen and stage, Liv Ullmann, came home to Norway to celebrate her 80th birthday last weekend, and was hailed both privately and officially. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among those paying tribute at a special celebration at Norway’s National Theater on Sunday evening. The parties began with friends and family on […]

‘Highs and lows’ for Norwegian Air boss

Bjørn Kjos, chief executive of Norwegian Air, finally finished the book he’d been writing about himself and the airline he founded. Entitled Høyt og lavt (High and low), the book’s release on Tuesday immediately set off turbulence. Kjos clearly has been deeply disturbed by last spring’s lengthy pilots’ strike and organized opposition to his use of lower-cost non-Norwegian crews on […]

‘Norwegians are very complicated’

As Norwegians got ready for the new season premiere of the hit TV show “Lilyhammer” this week, its star Steven Van Zandt shared some thoughts with its broadcaster, NRK, about who the show features and, to a large degree, parodies: Norwegians. Van Zandt, also known as “Little Steven” in Bruce Springsteen’s band, told NRK he […]

Luxury car sales in high gear

Sales of luxury cars in Norway sped to new heights last year and are still rolling along. Porsche, Mercedes and Audi dealers all reported record sales, with Porsche selling twice as many cars in 2012 as it did in 2011. This is perhaps surprising in Norway, where roads are subject to snow and ice, and […]

More debate over skiing supremacy

NEWS ANALYSIS: While many Norwegians simply enjoy some skiing on winter weekends, there’s no question the country now ranks firmly as a skiing powerhouse internationally. Norway’s impressive professional winter sports season this year has set off new discussion over why the Norwegian athletes are so good, and whether it’s good for the sports world as […]

Norwegians urged to stop bragging

So much for Norwegian modesty: New research shows that Norwegians are now seen as bragging about their affluence, strong currency and lifestyle so much that their Nordic neighbours want them to shut up and calm down. Norwegians have generally been viewed as humble and modest folks who like a simple life, weekends away at their […]

Private jets, rich uncles and Solskjær

COMMENTARY: “Follow the money.” It’s a tired cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true in today’s world. And it couldn’t be truer in the multi-trillion-dollar worldwide obsession that is football. Even in “Lille Norge.” In fact, if you follow the money, the media circus around Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s “will-he, won’t-he” non-move to the […]

NRK plans show on Sonja Henie’s life

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Norwegian skating legend Sonja Henie’s birth, and plans are afoot for both a TV series and a film on her life. Henie was the world’s undisputed “Queen of the Ice” for years, and went on to become the most highly paid performer in Hollywood. It was the stuff […]

Flat hierarchy challenges new leaders

Norway’s “flat, flat, flat” management hierarchy poses a huge challenge for new leaders recruited from overseas. It can also explain why there’s so few of them within the Norwegian business world. “Many leaders can feel so disrespected when they come to Norway,” said Kimberly Lein-Mathisen, global alliance leader for the large US pharmaceutical company Eli […]

Ambassador’s food blog boils over

Norway’s ambassador to Afghanistan stirred up a storm of controversy this week when he wrote about his passion for good food and wine, and how he had to train his cook in Kabul, on the Foreign Ministry’s blog site for diplomats. Hattrem’s blog was viewed by many as being not only undiplomatic, but also in […]